How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

how to exfoliate underarms

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Buff, Smooth, Shine! It’s time to exfoliate underarms and reveal that baby-butt smooth skin!

As the summer heat starts cranking up, I bet you’ve got some worries on your mind. Like what to wear, how to have a blast on your vacay…and oh yeah, how on earth to deal with those stinky and dark underarms!

Believe me, I’ve been there too. It used to totally mortify me (because seriously, who wants to be in that situation?). But here’s the thing, you’re not alone in this struggle.

That’s why I went all out and did everything I could think of. I even went to a fancy-pants dermatologist, figured out a legit armpit skincare routine (yup, that’s a legit thing, haha), and tested out a bunch of tips that actually worked.

And guess what? After taking good care of my underarms for about 4-5 months, I’m proud to say they may not smell like freshly baked cookies, but they’re way cleaner and more radiant.

Now, I’m here to spill all my secrets on how to exfoliate your underarms. So you can rock that summer tan and slay in your swimsuit selfies. Let’s skinvestigate! 😉

So…What’s the Deal with Exfoliating Underarms?

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

First things first, let’s break it down: What is exfoliation? Simply put, it’s the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. And we usually focus on our faces, right? But hold up—our underarms have been feeling a tad left out of the party. They deserve some TLC, too!

The idea behind underarm exfoliation is that it helps to keep our pits fresh, smooth, and camera-ready (you know, for all those #ootd photos). You could say exfoliating underarms is like giving your armpits a little makeover. 💁‍♀️ Plus, it helps your natural deodorant work better (score!🎉).

The Good Stuff: Benefits of Exfoliating Underarms

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

So, is it really good to exfoliate underarms? Oh yes, absolutely! There are some fab reasons to hop on this skincare trend express:

  1. Minimizes Dark Spots: Underarm exfoliation can help reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by shaving, waxing, and deodorant residue buildup. Say hello to brighter underarms! 💡
  2. Smoother Skin: Slay those stubborn ingrown hairs and bumps! Exfoliation keeps the hair follicles clear and free, resulting in smoother underarm skin. Silky smooth pits, here we come! 😍
  3. Keeps Odor at Bay: Say buh-bye to bad BO. Removing dead skin cells and deodorant buildup helps to minimize odor-causing bacteria, keeping you fresh as a daisy! 🌼
  4. Better Product Absorption: After exfoliating, your underarm skincare products (like deodorant and whitening creams) absorb more effectively, boosting their performance! 💪

The Not-So-Good Stuff: Drawbacks & Risks

Although underarm exfoliation sounds all peachy, there are some things you need to watch out for:

  1. Over Exfoliation: Can you say, “ouch”? ❌ Going overboard with exfoliation can lead to irritated, sensitive, and red skin, which is definitely not a cute look, hunty.
  2. Wrong Products: Using harsh or abrasive products on your delicate underarm skin can worsen the situation. So let’s keep all the skincare nasties away, okay? 👿

Does exfoliating help dark armpits?

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

Oh yes, dark armpits can sometimes be due to skin sensitivity or an accumulation of dead cells on the surface. In this case, gentle exfoliation can do wonders in restoring a lighter complexion. And I cannot emphasize this enough—don’t overdo it!

Is it safe to exfoliate underarms?

If you’re being gentle enough and using light strokes of motion, it is absolutely safe to exfoliate armpits.

How To exfoliate underarms – the right way!

Step 1: Get your skin prepped

First things first, make sure your underarms are clean and dry. Take a refreshing shower or cleanse the area with a mild soap. 

Step 2: Pick the perfect product

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

There are tons of options for exfoliating your underarms, but let’s break it down for you:

– Loofahs: They’re cheap and easy to find, but they might not do the job completely. Plus, they can be a bit harsh on your skin.

– Physical scrubs: These scrubs with microbeads are great for sloughing away dead skin cells. You can even make your own using natural ingredients like lemon, honey, salt, or sugar. Just be careful not to overdo it and cause irritation or cuts.

– Chemical peels: If you want a powerful exfoliator without the hard work, chemical peels are your best bet. They remove dead skin cells effectively and can be a real lifesaver for ingrown hair. Just remember, they’re not the gentlest option out there.

A good way to check if the scrub you are using is too harsh is to put a little bit of it on the back of your hand and use it for 10 seconds. If you feel tingling or irritation, your underarm skin is too sensitive for this scrub.

I use this amazing, amazing face scrub for my underarms once a week. It’s a facial scrub, so it is bound to be gentle and has brightening and nourishing properties, so it works wonders for the darkness!

Now, I, of course, am a die-hard convert of Chemical peels, especially The Ordinary peeling solution for once-a-week underarms exfoliation and lactic acid or salicylic acid solution for everyday routine.

Step 3: Gently scrub away

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

If you’re using a physical scrub, take a dime-sized amount of the product and apply it to your underarms. Use circular motions to gently scrub the area for a minute or two. Be careful not to go overboard and irritate your skin or cause cuts.

For deeper exfoliation, try using small circular motions on shorter areas of your armpits. 

If you’re using a chemical peel, make sure you have no or minimum hair in the area. Use the AHA BHA peel only 24-48 hours after shaving, laser or waxing. Now, apply a small amount of the exfoliator on dry armpits and leave it on for no more than 10 minutes.

No scrubbing, nothing! That’s the beauty of it!

Step 4: Rinse and dry with care

Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse off with cool water and pat dry. Avoid rubbing too hard or using hot water, as it can make your skin itch.

Step 5: Use a mask if you fancy one!

Now this step is not essential, but when I’m using a physical scrub, I love to take it up a notch with a clay mask (specifically Aztec Indian healing mask) or any other DIY mask.

This just helps to deeply cleanse the area, shut down the pores, and give my skin the much needed oomph. I usually apply one for 15 minutes and then rinse it off!

If you’re making a DIY mask, I would highly highly suggest you make this one – 1 tbs yogurt, 1 tbps potato juice, and 1-2 tbs milk powder or chickpea flour (gram flour).

Step 6: Show some love with moisturizer

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

Finally, moisturize your underarms to nourish and soothe your freshly exfoliated skin. Look for a moisturizer with antioxidants to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. If you prefer a natural option, aloe vera gel works wonders too.

And that is all! This is all you have to do to exfoliate underarms and say goodbye to dull and lifeless armpits!

How can I exfoliate my armpits naturally?

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

Okay, so I have genuinely tried a lot of DIYs all these years, and I am embarrassed to tell you that only a few (really few) are actually legit and work. So I’m not gonna waste your time and hop onto my favorite: Lemon juice for exfoliating armpits.

You can always add honey or baking soda or cucumber or potato juice to dilute it, but I have seen that applying raw lemon juice directly to the clean underarms every day for 1 week REALLY gives you cleaner, brighter underarms.

If you have really black underarms, it might take a week more, but there’s no DIY remedy for underarms that have worked better!

Other less favorite but amazingly good DIY underarm exfoliating concoctions that have helped me say adios to dark underarms, smelly pits, and a lot more are –

1. The Sugar and Honey Scrub 

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits
I didn’t have brown sugar on hand so replaced it with white, but brown works the best!

I’m kickin’ it off with this classic combo – sugar and honey! It’s the perfect blend of grit and sticky sweetness that your underarms will love.


  • 2 tbsp of brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp of honey


  1. Combine sugar and honey in a small bowl.
  2. Apply to your underarms.
  3. Gently massage in circular motions for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.

2. The Baking Soda Bonanza 

How To Exfoliate Underarms Like A Total Pro For Fresh Pits

Level up your exfoliation game with this mix that has slightly stronger ingredients to deep clean your underarms.


  • 2 tbsp of baking soda
  • 1 tbsp of water


  1. Mix baking soda and water in a small bowl to form a paste.
  2. Apply to your underarms.
  3. Gently massage in circular motions for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.

3. The Coffee and Coconut Wonder 

how to exfoliate underarms diy recipes

Who said caffeine was just for mornings? This energizing coffee and coconut scrub will have your underarms feelin’ fab in no time.



  1. Combine coffee grounds and coconut oil in a small bowl.
  2. Apply to your underarms.
  3. Gently massage in circular motions for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.

What is the fastest way to whiten underarms?

In my case, chemical peels were the fastest and helped the most. But if you want fast results, you could try directly applying lemon juice for 3-4 days and see visible results if the color is not that dark.

Why are my armpits dark?

There are quite a few reasons that you’re armpits may look darker. Shaving and waxing are one – As they cause irritation when we remove the hair. Excessive bacteria build-up and the use of deodorant or antiperspirant are other common causes of dark armpits.

What can I use to exfoliate my underarms?

You can use a gentle scrub or even a homemade mixture of brown sugar and honey to remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother, brighter skin. Just be sure to avoid any harsh exfoliants that could irritate this delicate area.

All right, fam. Whatcha think?

We stan smoother, brighter underarms, and exfoliation clearly delivers the goods. But it’s crucial to prioritize your skincare and find a routine that works for you. So, whether you’re strutting your stuff at the beach or striking a pose in that gorgeous strapless dress, flaunt your fabulousness with the confidence pro-exfoliators!

The bottom line? Give underarm exfoliation a whirl, but with caution: don’t overdo it, and choose your products wisely. Remember, confidence is about feeling good in your skin, and if exfoliation feels like it’s the key, go forth and slay! 🌟💪

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how to exfoliate underarms

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