An honest Aztec Indian healing clay review

An honest Aztec Indian healing clay review

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An honest Aztec Indian healing clay review

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Aztec Indian healing clay mask review!

If I had to pick just one face mask for my entire life, it would be Aztec Indian healing clay mask.

Recently, my skin was breaking out ALOT due to frequent travelling and not taking proper care of it.

PS: I am an oily skin type in summers and combination skin type in winters hence, have my skin act up a lot more than normal.

Honestly, I have tried my fair share of face masks but nothing made my skin feel better for a single minute. Out of nowhere, I just happen come across this Uhh-mmm-aziii-ngggg Aztec Indian healing clay mask review on youtube one fine day and I was stunned to see the results within a week. Who doesn’t fall for that kinda shit?

I checked this face mask on Amazon and kid you not it has freakin’ 12000 reviews on it. Few were negative but most of them were over the top positive. People were going crazyyy over its result. And honestly, at that time I would have tried literally anything if you asked me to.

So without further ado, let’s just get going into the Aztec indian healing clay mask review.

aztec indian healing clay mask review


What does it claim to do?

It claims to be used specifically for problem skin which means skin having lots of breakouts, dark spots, acne marks/scars, and deep cleansing of pores. Bentonite clay is also used for absorbing excess oil leaving your skin a lot drier than before. In short, it claims to give clearer, healthy and even skin.


Kid you not, Aztec indian healing clay mask sells for $12.70 but you can always find them on huge discounts. So it will end up being at your home for cheap! Andit is sooooo worth it. You’ll get to know it, keep on reading.

How to use it?

The packaging says that we have to mix equal parts of this Aztec Indian healing clay and apple cider vinegar/ water in a non-metal bowl and apply it normally as we would.

But I feel that for 1tbs of this clay powder, a little more than 1tbs of water or ACV(apple cider vinegar) is enough to make a smooth good paste that you could apply evenly all over your face.

Aztec Indian healing clay mask review

If you have your fair share of breakouts, I would suggest using ACV (with mother) as it would make the mask more powerful and effective. It works better as well. Do not worry if the powder forms foam while adding ACV because it’s normal. If you have acne here or there or just dark spots you want to vanish, use water instead since it would be enough for the problem you are dealing with.

Aztec Indian healing clay mask review
Aztec Indian healing clay mask review

How long to keep?

You need to Keep Aztec Indian healing clay mask for about 10 minutes if you have highly sensitive skin and for 20 minutes if you have normal to dry skin. But whatever may be your skin type, DO NOT KEEP IT LONGER than 20 minutes as it will make the skin extremely dry and you will feel your akin much tighter which is not good!

After washing, redness is normal so chill. It will vanish after 20-30 minutes. DO APPLY A GOOD MOISTURISER after washing since I told you it tends to absorb oil, hence making it a Lil dry. So to retain back your moisturiser level, you need to follow this step. I personally love pond’s super light gel for my oily skin and fortunately have a full review on it so you can go check that out.

In how much time you can see results?

I want you to take a 7-day challenge with it. I believe blindly in Aztec Indian healing clay mask. I had severe acne and I kid you not it was worse than you could think. And visible results were seen in just a weeks’ time. Use it every day for 7 days minimum and when once the problem is reduced to a considerate rate, use it 2 times a week.

I used it for 20 days straight to make my acne vanish almost completely. And by almost i mean only the scars were left.

what claims are true?

1. It claims deep pore cleansing. It says that we will feel our face pulsate. Which I think is true because when I apply it I feel that something is definitely happening to my skin. I can feel my face pulsating. There is some sought of sensations which I can’t really explain in words. So I believe it does good things.

2. It claims to remove impurities and dirt from the face and is specifically for problem skin. Which I think is again true because if used on acne it shows the visible results in just week’s time ( in my case 5 days ).

3. Lastly, it calls itself the world’s most powerful facial and I don’t really know that but would update it when I’ll have had all the facials in the world. Bad pun, I know.

But seriously, It helped me out when nothing did and i am sure it will help you too. Just believe and be consistent with it.

Till then, Keep shining and smiling 😉

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