Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

is sea water good for hair

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Salt, sun, and luscious locks – is it really a match made in paradise?

Planning a beach vacation soon? Then you should definitely take notes.

From time immemorial, seawater has been used in skin and hair care remedies. The beauty industry even sells bottled seawater for beauty enthusiasts. Yes, seriously?!

However, salt water from the seas should be used with caution. Using seawater is more like a double-edged sword, as too much salt water can play havoc with your hair.

If you are here to know if sea salt is good for your hair or not, then this article is all you need.

From debunking some salty myths to spilling the beans on the benefits of seawater for hair, this elaborate guide will give you the much-needed details. So, before you take a dip, don’t forget to go through this sea water guide!

Beach Waves: What Does it Even Mean?

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

So, we girls simply love that sultry hairstyle that we get automatically after bathing and swimming in seawater.

Basically, beachy waves mean a carefree, playful, and voluminous hairstyle that makes you look irresistibly hot. Your touseled locks make you look no lesser than a gorgeous diva straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Imagine yourself flaunting your bikini-perfect body and showing off those dreamy, beachy waves!

But why does this happen to your hair? How do you get those waves as you enjoy your dips on a beach vacation?

Lemme explain! So, the tiny salt crystals get stuck to your hair. Your wet hair accumulates salt and hydrogen. This gives your locks a textured look. And also, your hair will look more voluminous, wavy and curly.

So, my gorgeous gorgeous babe, this is the secret to getting those enticing beachy waves while enjoying your seaside shenanigans.

What Magic Will Sea Water Do to Your Hair?

Sea water can definitely bring on some amazing benefits when it comes to your gorgeous hair. Spending bombs on your dream beach vacation won’t go in vain after all! Have a look!

1. Salt water crystals serve as a great natural exfoliator for your scalp!

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Wanna remove all the gunk and dirt from your scalp? Go take a dip in sea salt water, quite literally!

Because salt water exposure can help you eliminate all the dirt buildup and dead skin cells from your scalp. And these crystals exfoliate your scalp gently, thereby removing dandruff, sebum, and any other kind of impurities from the scalp’s skin.

Massaging your scalp with sea water can also stimulate blood flow, thereby promoting hair growth. So, it won’t be wrong to say that bathing in sea water helps you add to your hair health and also maintain hair hygiene.

2. Sea water can be highly beneficial for those with greasy scalps.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Are you fed up with your greasy, oily, and sweaty scalp? Then you might wanna go to a beach vacay and jump straight into the sea to alleviate this scalp issue.

Dry shampoo is the best friend of all those who have oily or greasy scalps. But what if I say that seawater can replace your chemical-infused dry shampoos and offer a fresh, clean, and dry scalp naturally?

Basically, salty water acts just like a natural shampoo and cleanses your oily scalp thoroughly. Sea water has this innate property to control excess oils in your scalp.

When you soak your hair with seawater, it cleanses your hair roots by absorbing excess sebum. And your hair looks fresh and beautiful, just like that!

3. Salt water heals itchiness and irritation in your scalp.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Sea water is known for its anti-fungal properties too. So, if you are someone who is suffering from chronic dandruff problems or fungus induced dandruff, then you’ve just found yourself a BFF!

The science is that fungi take more time to perform osmosis in salt water as compared to fresh water. This will slow down their growth and proliferation all over your scalp.

Also, since seawater controls excess oil production, your squeaky clean scalp will soon get dandruff-free. No more itchiness and irritation! And you can also wear your favorite black dress without any worries!

4. Sea water has antibiotic properties as well & is great for your hair.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Got an infection on your scalp? No worries, seawater has got your back! Packed with iodine, it’s like a superhero for healing infections and kicking bacteria to the curb.

You can totally DIY sea salt spray by mixing three parts sea salt in a cup of warm water and watch the magic happen in no time!

5. Ocean water adds volume to your thin and lifeless hair.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

If you have thin and lifeless hair, then sea salt water can add to your hair volume and make your mane look healthier and more beautiful.

Salt water crystals uplift your hair cuticles, thereby creating an illusion of volumized hair. Magnesium and sodium chloride together add to the crosslinks in your hair, thereby giving you enticing beach waves.

No salon treatment, no chemical treatments, no hair spa sessions. Your hair is party-ready all naturally- all thanks to this creation!

6. Magnesium and potassium in seawater can add to your hair health.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Sea water is infused with the goodness of nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. And we all know how good these nutrients are for our hair health, don’t we?

Both magnesium and potassium help maintain the natural pH of your scalp, thereby eliminating the slightest chance of excess alkalinity.

The protein structure in your hair stays safe and intact, thereby blessing you with healthier hair.

Can Sea Water Harm Your Gorgeous Locks?

Well, not exactly! But there are some underlying factors that you need to consider if you wish to avoid the slightest damage.

1. Your hair may look parched, rough and dehydrated.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Accumulation of salt crystals in excess quantity in your hair can make your locks go dry. Since seawater washes away the sebum from your hair roots and salt soaks in excess oil, too much salt water can lead to dehydration.

Due to a lack of natural moisturization in your strands and scalp, you may experience brittle, dry hair.

2. Chemically-treated hair may suffer excessive dryness.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

You see, when you dye your hair wild colors like purple or red, or you’ve had any kind of chemical treatment, your locks become vulnerable. They get damaged and turn brittle.

And ocean water is the enemy. It’s all about the salt, baby. The salt particles in the water latch onto your hair, especially if it’s been chemically treated. Over time, this salt accumulation weakens your already delicate hair.

So take my advice and save your mane from the clutches of ocean water. Stick to the pool or the shower for your aquatic adventures.

3. Your hair may get tangled beyond your imagination.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Dive into the ocean and watch as your hair becomes a tangled mess that defies imagination! Blame it on the wild beach winds and salty sea water that make it a real struggle to de-tangle your hair afterward.

So, as soon as you emerge from the sea, head straight for a refreshing shower. And don’t forget to work some magic with a detangling serum on your washed, wet hair.

4. Salt water can make your hair brittle if used way too much.

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Spending too much time in ocean water will not just tan your skin but also make your hair fragile and weak. You may face issues like hair fall and breakage because of excessive dryness in your scalp and hair cuticle.

Precautions to Take While Going on Your Next Beach Vacay!

  • Avoid going into the seawater if you have undergone a chemical hair treatment.
  • Salt water exposure can also fade away your dyed hair. So, try to avoid exposing your colored hair to ocean water.
  • Apply hair oil (I love a trusty coconut oil for this) nicely before going into ocean water in case you have dyed hair or chemically-treated hair. The oil offers shielded protection to your locks and prevents sea salt accumulation in your hair strands.
  • Once you wash your hair with fresh water, do not forget to treat your strands with a moisturizing hair mask or leave-in conditioner.
  • It is advisable to apply a hair cream with SPF protection before you go into ocean water and give your hair salt water exposure. UVA and UVB rays can cause serious damage to your strands if you do not take apt sunscreen protection.

The best sea Water Alternatives That Will Keep Your Hair Happy and Healthy!

Here’s the good news for all the beach babes who can’t hit the sand! No need to break the bank with endless beach getaways.

All you gotta do is incorporate a few ocean-inspired tricks into your hair routine and voila! Gorgeous waves without all the salt water damage.

1. Pacifica Beauty Salty Waves Texture Waves

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

One of the best sea salt sprays I have come across, this one is a must-try if you wish to get textured salty waves without going to a sea beach.

The first thing you’ll notice is the amazing scent – it’s like a tropical vacation in a bottle. And don’t worry, even if you’re sensitive to smells, it won’t overpower you. With just two sprays, you’ll have those mermaid-worthy waves. Styling and curling your hair has never been easier.

Whether you want straight-from-the-salon sleekness or dreamy waves, this salt water spray has got you covered. It holds your style effortlessly.

Short hair? No problem. This spray works its magic. Long hair? Just a few more sprays and you’re good to go. And the best part? It’s budget-friendly!

2. 100% PURE Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Well, this one is not a sea water spray. Rather you are getting a shampoo that cleanses your naturally greasy hair thoroughly and volumizes your hair.

When you wash your hair with this amazing, hydrating shampoo, it breathes life into your thin and malnourished hair shaft. It not only cleanses the scalp but also controls excess sebum and thickens your thin hair.

Your hair gets an instant dose of hydration and much-needed volume, all at the same time! Packed with French sea salt, aloe vera, rose water, you’ll love it for brittle hair.

3. L’ANGE Hair Sea Salt Spray for Hair

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

True talk – this spray is my absolute favorite for giving my hair the lift it deserves. No stickiness or hardness here, just pure beachy goodness.

And the best part? The delicious tropical fragrance is also incredibly soothing. But that’s not all – this spray is hypoallergenic, so say goodbye to any annoying allergies or rashes.

And here’s the icing on the cake: this sea salt spray is alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicone-free. Say hello to healthy, chemical-free hair.

So why wait? Spritz on this magic potion and let your hair do the talking.

4. Kick Sea Salt Spray for Hair

Yay or Nay: Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

If you are looking for a no-nonsense sea salt spray that texturizes and volumizes your hair without leading to extreme dryness, then babe, you have got to try this!

Just spritz on slightly damp hair, curl it up, and boom! Perfect waves. Plus, the scent is to die for! Not only will your guy be obsessed with your gorgeous locks, but this spray holds your style all day without any sticky residue.

Wrapping Up – Is Sea Water Good for Your Hair?

Sea water, when used carefully, can bless you with wonderful results. However, going overboard with sea water exposure can actually lead to hair damage.

So, if you are flying down to Miami, then you should definitely take precautions before you indulge in beach activities.

Also, if you do not have the time and money to take a dip in an exotic beach location, then I would suggest you go for the ocean water alternatives. You can choose any from the above-mentioned products to style your hair in dreamy waves.

I hope now you know the pros and cons of sea water, and would expose your locks to sea salt water accordingly.

In case you still have some doubts, shoot your comments, girls! Until next time! xo

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