19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

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Take a Trip with Old Money Brands – Because Trends Fade, but Classics are Forever!

Old money aesthetic is a clean sweeper, no doubt. But let’s face it — finding the right vintage yet contemporary pick can be harder than chess, especially when there’s no end to the list of old-money brands, given the ever-surging love for quiet luxury.

Not to forget the crazy price tags that your heartstoppers can come with!!!

It’s time we put an end to all the confusion and narrow down our candidates wisely. I’ve curated the ultimate list of the 19 best old-money brands for building sophisticated attires without drawing unnecessary attention. 

Whether you have big bucks or a shoestring budget, I promise you’ll be rhapsodizing over your new wardrobe already by the end of this blog. So, without wasting another second, let’s jump to the meat and potatoes.

19 Best Old Money Brands – The OGs

1. Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo (AK MC) – Suave Sophistication

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Old money outfits that feel like a second skin? That’s the charm of AK MC. 

Created by a man of Renaissance, the AK MC collection is a seductive treat to the eye. Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of the French Riviera, their sartorial men’s collection boasts exclusive craftsmanship, precision, and a magnificent celebration of tradition.

What I love about AKMC the most is their Prince Of Wales Check Ladies Signature Jacket — a peek into their versatile women’s line that blends “masculine silhouette perfectly with feminine softness”.

2. Burberry – Classic British Charm

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Next stop, London town! If Burberry’s signature trench coat doesn’t scream old money style, I don’t know what does.

Yup, invented by its founder, the Burberry Trench Coat speaks volumes about the brand’s heritage of refinement while also adapting to modern needs. 

Burberry’s Heritage collection features an extensive range of clothing selections for men and women, especially in the famous Burberry Check — an iconic hallmark for luxury and taste that has become a global status symbol today.

3. Ralph Lauren – The All-American Dream

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

All of us have drooled at least once over The Great Gatsby’s outfits. Or the aristocratic collection of The Gossip Girl. 

Ralph Lauren’s wardrobe is an iconic statement that has graced the silver screen countless times. And why wouldn’t it? When you think of American old money, RL is always on the scene. From luxurious cashmere sweaters to elegant gowns that exude opulence, Ralph Lauren has it all.

Their renowned Polo collection is a trendsetter that’s never going out of style. Classy and comfortable, the leather and suede polo line for men is simply majestic.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren features vintage as well as everyday essentials for women. What makes these collections highly enduring is the equestrian-inspired sensibility that goes into designing, thus putting convenience on the top.

4. ARKET – The Modern Minimalist’s Paradise

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

A modern brand for modern needs, ARKET thrives on the motto of “functional beauty” that delivers clean lines, neutral colors, and durable clothing with high quality materials. 

The Cashmere Collection emphasizes long-lasting construction along with capturing refinement in a minimalist sense. I mean, look at this Cable Knit Jumper. Wear it over a solid-colored black skirt with a classy watch and sunglasses, and you’ve made a chic debutante appearance! 

ARKET also hosts a wide array of homeware that aligns sharply with the old-money aesthetic and understated elegance. Be it kitchen essentials, bedroom linen, or decor, you can easily find sustainable yet lavish Nordic-inspired furnishings.

5. The Dreamy Duo: Chanel and Hermès

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

When it comes to quintessential old money luxury, it doesn’t get much better than Chanel and Hermès. These two French fashion powerhouses have been dominating the scene for over a century, cementing their status as household names in your old money style icons’ wardrobe.

Chanel was founded in 1910 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who introduced understated luxury to fashion with her modern take on silhouettes. Think chic tweed suits, monochrome palettes, and iconic quilted handbags.

Shopping Chanel is like investing in a piece of fashion history, so go ahead and treat yourself to that fabulous little black dress!

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Hermès has been incredible at preserving its rich heritage while remaining one of the most sought-after luxury brands. Founded back in 1837, Hermès began as a high-quality saddle and harness maker.

Nowadays, their Birkin and Kelly bags are the probably most iconic and sought-after totems of luxury. Elevate your wardrobe with one of their gorgeous silk scarves–an instant classic that never goes out of style.

6. Berwich – Italian Tailoring Extraordinaire

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

One appealing characteristic of quiet luxury is its use of an understated color palette. However, Berwich successfully puts forward a surprisingly colorful yet effective range of hues without compromising elegance. 

For instance, their Debb sweater from the women’s collection flaunts an exquisite pattern in a soft, vibrant shade that gives off hardcore prepster chic vibes.

7. Marc Jacobs – Rule-breaking Rebel

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Marc Jacobs is a high fashion brand that presents old-money style clothing with a bit of glam. For vintage lovers who can’t survive without some pop, M.J. brings you sophisticated yet urbane outfits with strong Ivy League vibes.

Be it their Monogram Big Trucker, Reflective Trucker Jacket, or the Paneled Skirt, Mark Jacobs combines prestigious with the eclectic, creating a unique but striking quiet luxury look.

Not to forget what this brand is notable for — statement bags and accessories. For instance, the Snapshot is a level-up from the classic camera bag that reimagines the simple with a sprinkle of quirkiness.

8. Brooks Brothers – The Epitome of American Tradition

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers is synonymous with American preppy attire. Think polo shirts, chinos, and the ultimate prep essential: the navy blazer. With strong Ivy League vibes, Brooks Brothers caters to both men and women, offering stylish classics for every aspiring old-money fashionista.

Don your best BB piece, and you’ll feel like you’re strolling through a picturesque New England town, even if you’re just grabbing coffee at your local cafe.

9. Loro Piana: The Cashmere Crusader

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

If you’re craving a little (okay, a lot) of luxury, look no further than our first stop on this fabulous fashion tour: Loro Piana. This Italian brand has been around for over two centuries, providing the most exquisite cashmere, merino wool, and rare fabrics to those in the know.

Think about lounging in the softest, most sumptuous sweater of your dreams while sipping champagne on a yacht…

Loro Piana’s commitment to quality is legendary. They own their own mills in Italy, and they source only the finest raw materials from around the globe. When you’re wearing Loro Piana, honey, you’re basically wearing a piece of history – and you know it.

10. Max Mara: The Cool Coat Connoisseur

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

You know that amazing feeling when it’s chilly outside but you’re all snuggled up in the most fabulous coat? That’s the essence of Max Mara. Born in Italy in 1951, this brand has become synonymous with iconic, versatile, and stylish outerwear. Just like a fine wine, these coats only get better with time.

From their classic camel coat to their modern patterned offerings, Max Mara is the epitome of wardrobe must-haves.

Not only will you feel stylish and sophisticated, but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that these pieces are made to last, using top-notch craftsmanship. Investing in Max Mara is like investing in a piece of fashion history!

11. The Row: The Minimalist Marvel

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Sometimes, less is more – and with The Row, this couldn’t be more true. Launched in 2006 by our favorite former child stars-turned-fashion-moguls, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row exudes an understated glamour that has made it a favorite among celebs and influencers alike.

The Row is all about refined elegance. They believe in the power of simplicity and have perfected the art of minimalist style.

With an enviable collection of beautifully crafted clothing, accessories, and footwear, this brand will have you feeling like a modern-day Jackie O. Who wouldn’t want that, sweetie?

12. Turnbull & Asser: The Dapper Duke Destination

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

You may not be of royal blood, but why not dress like you are? Allow me to introduce you to the world of Turnbull & Asser, the British brand adored by the likes of Prince Charles. Founded in 1885, this label has been creating bespoke shirts and accessories for the discerning gentleman (and now, ladies!) for over 130 years.

With a focus on craftsmanship, quality materials, and superior fit, a Turnbull & Asser piece is a sign of effortless sophistication. Whether you’re looking for a classic white shirt or a bold printed tie, this brand has got you covered.

Plus, shopping here will make you feel like a member of the royal family – and who can say no to that.

13. Brunello Cucinelli – Rustic Italian Luxury

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Another one of the timeles old-money fashion brands in the truest sense, Brunello Cucinelli believes in expression through fine Italian craftsmanship and manual skills. 

The first words that crossed my mind the moment I had my eyes on its women’s new arrivals were sleek, light, and regal. The muted palette and earthly tones form an exclusive combo with Brunello’s quality fabrics and Nordic-inspired patterns.

The neatness in silhouettes is maintained gracefully in women as well as menswear. For example, their Double Cloth Bomber Jacket is literally a bomb in the old money aesthetic that does not sideline comfort at all.

5 Affordable Old Money Fashion Brands

So much for a cultivated taste if it costs an earth! But that’s a thing of the past. 

With an insane amount of buzz for quiet luxury, a few business ventures have emerged that strive to balance aesthetics with affordability. That takes us to the list of top old-money brands that are irresistible when it comes to building a patrician wardrobe on a limited budget.

14. Zara – Trendsetting Paradise

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

For dress lovers jumping between stores to find something good on a budget, go no further than Zara. 

Zara’s bestsellers are a huge turn-on when it comes to flaunting timeless style without really spending a luxurious amount. If you have an old money outfit in mind you wanna recreate, I’m 100% sure that Zara will swoon you away with its collection!

15. Abercrombie & Fitch – Comfy Cool Kids

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

A&F is a sumptuous brand with a distinguished collection that would never burn a hole in your pocket. Their styles are sophisticated, elite, and synonymous with the upper crust. 

For starters, take a glance at their Sweater Polos. Now, isn’t that the very definition of old-money dark academia!

16. J.Crew – Preppy Perfection

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Another fan favorite when it comes to old-money fashion brands, J.Crew, has been providing us with affordable yet sophisticated pieces since the 80s.

Known for their classy tailored shirts, perfectly structured skirts, and timeless accessories, J.Crew makes it super easy to look put-together without going overboard.

Plus, they’ve got a lovely Factory Store where you can find discounted products that still boast that old-money charm. Trust us, your closet will thank you!

17. Lands’ End – Functional Elegance

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Finding old-money fashion essentials can be a tough nut to crack, especially when you don’t have a hundred dollars to spare on the basics. Thanks to Lands’ End, this ain’t a biggie anymore.

You can easily find affordable yet classic pullovers, crewnecks, vintage jackets, and even elegant nightwear pieces to strike a balance between your taste, wardrobe, and budget. 

What makes this brand extra unique is its plus range, which does ZERO COMPROMISE on the aesthetics.

18. L.L. Bean – Rugged Outdoor Chic

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

Old-money fashion isn’t just about looking fancy at cocktail parties – it’s also about rocking that casual, outdoorsy vibe with class. That’s where L.L. Bean comes in!

Known for their famous duck boots and cozy flannel shirts, this American heritage brand is perfect for those days when you want to feel comfy yet effortlessly stylish. And, with their generous return policy and frequent sales, it’s easy to shop without breaking the bank. Talk about a win-win!

How to dress like a rich person?

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

First things first, let’s talk about fabrics. Rich people tend to wear materials that are high-end and luxurious. Think silk, cashmere, and fine wool blends. These fabrics not only feel amazing but look expensive too.

Next up, let’s talk about accessories. Now, accessories are where you can really make a statement. Rich people tend to opt for pieces that are classic and timeless, like a sleek watch or a delicate piece of jewelry. And don’t be afraid to splurge a little – after all, you’re dressing like a rich person, remember?

Now onto colors. Rich people tend to shy away from bright and bold colors because they can come across as a little too flashy. Instead, opt for muted, earthy tones or classic black and white. These colors are chic, sophisticated, and give off a luxurious vibe.

Lastly, let’s talk about fit. Rich people know the importance of a well-fitted outfit. Nothing looks more expensive than a perfectly-tailored suit or a dress that hugs in all the right places. Make sure your clothes fit your body type and shape – and if necessary, invest in a good tailor.

What is quiet luxury trend?

19 Best Old Money Brands to Drip in Luxury & Boujee

As for the quiet luxury trend, it’s all about understated opulence, with luxurious fabrics and high quality craftsmanship taking center stage. Think minimalistic designs with a touch of extravagance. It’s the perfect way to show off your sophisticated taste without being too flashy.

What is the best style for old money?

Well, old money doesn’t have a specific style, but it’s all about understated luxury and classic elegance. Think tailored suits, timeless accessories, and high-quality fabrics. And remember, confidence is key when it comes to old money style – own it and rock it!

Wrapping up – Old Money Fashion brands Never Go Out of Style

The above old-money brands capture classic elegance in a contemporary context. With collections embodying fine Italian craftsmanship along with British & American heritages, they’ve been steadfast in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

And it’s not just clothing that they cover. Some of these names are also synonymous with an aristocratic choice for homeware and decor.

So, whether you need a ritzy-looking wardrobe or an all-rounder plush glow to your lifestyle, brand up with these labels and relish in subdued luxe!

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