32 Best Valentino Dupes: Sandals, Heels, Flip-flops

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If these are not the best valentino dupes, i don’t know what is!

Valentino has been always been love at first sight for every heel-loving creature on the planet. I mean, who can resist the comforting soul, shiny leather, and obviously, the infamous studs? But also, who has $1000s of dollars to spend on a shoe, just a shoe?

I could buy at least 15 super high-quality pairs in that budget, like seriously.

But what if you want that gorgeous studded sandals or those heels in your wardrobe but cannot even thinking of spending nearly the MRP of these shoes. Don’t you worry, here are some as pretty as picture Valentino dupe sandals, heels, and flip-flops that are super super affordable.

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Just to make it easy for you, this particular Tatcha water cream dupe is my #1 recommendation of all the ones listed. It is just as hydrating and refreshing on the skin, is non-greasy and non-comedogenic, and is insanely affordable.

1. Valentino sandals dupes

Now you can feel super chic and comfy both at once with these uniquely designed Valentino dupe sandals. Many of them like these and these are exact copycats of the original Valentinos worth $800 but some of the other Valentino dupes come in different colors and even prettier designs.

Valentino dupe sandals from sheIn

One of the best Valentino look-alike sandals is this particular pair from SheIn. Super high-quality, a serious steal, quite durable, comfortable, and the design are quite similar to the original too. SheIn has some insanely gorgeous and affordable Valentino dupes and some of them are actually worth spending your money on. I particularly loved this black pair and its classic design along with this uniquely designed pair of flats (but they may not suit every feet type).

Valentino sandals dupes from Steve madden

Steve Madden also has a few incredible Valentino dupes that resemble its higher counterpart really well. No doubt they are on the expensive side, but hello, they are Steve Maddens. They rhyme with high quality and durability. I personally loved these clear Valentino Rockstude dupes since they are so versatile that they’ll go with literally any and every outfit.

other Valentino rockstud sandal dupes

2. Valentino heels dupes

Heels are such an essential in one’s wardrobe (at least they are in mine cause I either have sneakers or heels, there’s rarely in between). And Valentino Rockstuds are love at first sight. Especially the ones in red and black. Pure beauty! So here are some Valentino dupes that you won’t be able to get your eyes off.

Valentino dupe heels from sheIn

I adoreeeeee these black ones and I want new black heels for so long and I’m positive these will end up in my wardrobe very soon. Believe it or not, I never had a pointy toe heel ever. And this gorgeous pair is calling my name.

The white ones are beautiful too. And did I mention that the price of these Valentino dupes is almost unbelievable for the quality they come with? Now I did!

Valentino dupe heels from DSW

DSW is known for footwear and has many designer dupes with them as well. If you want to buy one Valentino dupe heel from all these options, pick this pair blindly. Even though all of the dupes on DSW are gorgeously pretty, these have a different fan base since they look exactly like the infamous Valentino heels we all know.

They come in many appealing colors and for the price, the heels are a TOTAL STEAL!!!

other Valentino dupe heels

3. Valentino flip flop jelly dupes

Now if you want to feel fancy and a little posh, get yourself a Valentino flip-flop dupe. The best part is that you can wear it at home and feel luxe but also wear it outside with any outfit and still feel, well fancy. The ones I like are these ones below but they all are a little expensive for flip flops, but then they are a Valentino dupe, a brand that is nearly impossible for normal people to buy.

Below are a lot cheaper versions of the above Valentino jelly sandal dupes.

These were all the kickass Valentino Rockstud dupes that’ll you ever want to lay your eyes on. What are you adding to your bag? Or do you have any other dupe sandal, heel, or flip-flop that you loved and aren’t on the list? I’m all ears!

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