What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!

What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!

So you already got the tickets but have no idea What To Wear To A Rock Concert? Let’s rock this!

Whether you’re attending a rock concert or performing in one, it’s important to dress the part. After all, rock concerts are all about attitude. You want to look good and feel confident in your outfit, but you also don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

The goal is to strike a balance between cool and comfortable. With that in mind, I’ve written the ultimate guide on what to wear to a rock concert.

One of the great things about rock concerts is that they give you an opportunity to express yourself through your fashion choices. You can go all out with ripped jeans, band shirts, and leather jackets, or you can keep it simple with some dark-wash jeans and a black top. No matter what you choose to wear, make sure it’s fun and is set to have a blast at the concert.

When planning what to wear to a rock concert, there are a few things to consider.

Things to consider when planning what to wear to a rock concert

What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!

First, you want to be comfortable enough to be able to get into the music. You’ll be standing for long periods of time, and you don’t want your clothing to restrict your movement. Second, you want to be stylish. A rock concert is a great opportunity to show off your unique sense of style and have fun with it!

Finally, you want to be respectful of the band and the other fans. Remember that a rock concert is a place for music lovers to come together and enjoy the music, don’t wear anything that’s going to get in the way of other people in the crowd, like big bags or a really obstructive hat.

I’ve done a quick breakdown below of some things to consider when planning your rock concert outfit.

The Music

What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!

When planning what to wear to a rock concert, it’s important to consider the music.

You wouldn’t want to wear ripped jeans and a crop top to a symphony orchestra, and you might get a few looks wearing a formal dress to a slayer gig.

The music will give you a good idea of the type of clothing that will suit the gig. Look online at the band’s social pages to get inspired by their outfits. When in doubt, you can always fall back on wearing a band t-shirt.

dress fun & casual

Another thing to keep in mind is that rock concerts can get pretty wild. People will be jumping around, dancing, and moshing, so you want to make sure that your clothes can withstand a little bit of wear and tear.

That being said, it’s probably not a good idea to wear your brand-new Gucci dress or those shoes that you just got from Jimmy Choo. Stick to something more casual and durable, like jeans or a leather jacket.

The Location

What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!

No matter how you’re getting to the rock concert, it’s important to consider the location when you’re planning what to wear.

If you’re driving, you might have to compete with a lot of traffic, so even if you find a parking spot close to the venue, you might have to walk a long way. And if you’re taking public transportation, you might have to walk even further.

Either way, you don’t want to be stuck carrying your heavy coat or umbrella the whole time. So plan ahead and dress appropriately for the weather and the location.

There are all types of concert venues, too, so do a quick look online at the venue to get an idea of space, location, parking, and facilities.

If bathrooms are going to be hired for the gig, then you’ll want something that makes your stop at the toilet easy to get in and out quickly. No one wants to be unbuttoning their outfit for hours in a stinking hot Portaloo with a line waiting for them.

The Weather

If it’s an outdoor concert, you’ll want to check the weather before you go. If there’s a chance of rain, then it’s a good idea to pack a light rainproof poncho. You can buy a light, reasonably priced poncho from Amazon that you can throw in your bag; they are so easy to carry all night.

If it’s outdoors, you might also want to consider boots, sneakers, or some stylish wellingtons in case the grounds get muddy. If you’ve ever seen pictures of Glastonbury, you’ll see what I mean.

If you are in a hot or humid environment, then a crop top is a great way to stay cool. Stick to natural, easy-to-breathe fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. You can even wear a bikini underneath your outfit in case the concert has a misting system to help cool people down.

outfits for rock concert

If it’s sunny and the concert is in the middle of the day, sunglasses and a bucket hat can be a lifesaver! Bucket hats are a great choice, if you get tired of wearing the hat, you can easily fold away the bucket hat in your bag.

outfits for rock concert
Courtesy: @ang_teachess

The Crowd

The crowd at the concert is another thing to consider when dressing for a concert. If it’s an all-ages gig, you’ll want to avoid wearing anything too risque or offensive. After all, you want everyone to enjoy the show – including the kiddos and their parents!

If the crowd is going to be moshing or jumping around, you’ll want to wear some protective shoes. It’s no fun trying to vibe out at a gig while your feet are being stomped. I love wearing casual flat shoes like Chuck Taylor’s or Doc Martins. They have a classic grungy look that suits rock concerts, and they are so comfy! Read my blog on reasonably priced Doc Marten dupes for more ideas.

You want to be comfortable dancing

What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!
Courtesy: theblonderlife

The whole point of going to a rock concert is to have fun, right? You want to be able to dance the night away with no concerns, so finding something you can be comfortable in is key.

Concerts can be hours of standing, trust me on this and opt for flat shoes. Sure, heels look cute, but you just won’t be able to let loose and relax if you’re standing in 4 inches heels for 4 hours.

If you plan on dancing a lot, you probably don’t want to wear something super tight and fitted. It can get hot dancing in a crowd, try wearing looser fitting, flowy clothing helps to keep you cool. Something like loose ripped denim jeans and a baggy t-shirt is ideal.

I love wearing a little linen playsuit with my doc martins, it’s totally fuss-free and easy to just throw on and dance all day.

Rock concert outfit ideas

For some quick and easy ideas on what to wear to a concert, we’ve recommended some classic rock concert outfits below.

1. leather corset + cargo pants

outfits for rock concert

Cross all limits of sexy with this all-black, super hot rock concert outfit. Cargo pants are always ultra-comfortable, and all these leather and sparkly mesh elements just add the right amount of fire to the attire.

2. sheer top under denim on denim

outfits for rock concert

You’ll be seeing mesh tops all over, and why not? They are covered but also so hot. Style it with denim shorts and oversized denim jacket for a casually chic look. Put on your thigh high boots and you’re good to rock!

3. sexy tops with jeans

outfits for rock concert

Throwing on a sexy crop top with casually cute jeans is the ultimate rock concert outfit.

4. graphic t-shirt + sequin skirt

outfits for rock concert

If you want a simple yet head-turning outfit, keep it easy with the t-shirt and boots but rock the world with a sparkly sequin skirt like this one. It’s so sexy yet so chic.

5. leather shorts + crop top + cardigan

rock concert outfits

If the temperature is dropping and you don’t wanna freeze but still be able to look stylish and cute, try this cardigan outfit. Leather shorts and boots will add a touch of edge, and gold jewelry will bring all the concert vibes to the table.

6. tube corset + mom jeans

rock concert outfits

A sheer corset top like this is an easy answer to what to wear to a rock concert. Add charcoal grey mom jeans to the mix for that casual touch and matching boots. I’d throw a satin shirt over instead of a blazer.

7. graphic tee over a turtle neck

rock concert outfits

For a classic grunge girl look, try wearing an “I’m with the band” t-shirt or graphic tee and layer over a leather biker jacket. If it’s cooler weather, pair them with light-wash mum jeans and a black belt, and you’re all sorted. For shoes, go with some chucks or ankle boots.

8. Casual Cool-Girl dress

rock concert outfits
Courtesy: @elegantlyellery

If you want to wear a dress to a rock concert, go for something casual like a cotton or linen mini dress with a loose black denim jacket. Another fail-safe combo, pair with some vans, and you’ll be able to mosh with no problems.

For accessories, layer on some delicate gold chains or add sunglasses for a daytime look.

9. ripped Jeans & Crop/strappy top

rock concert outfits

Ripped jeans and a crop top is always effortlessly cool and so simple. Depending on the weather, you can layer over a leather jacket. If it’s a hot day, layer a shirt over your tank top and wears some ripped denim shorts.

10. tube top + straight-leg jeans

rock concert outfits

If you want a no-brainer and look cute, a rock concert outfit, a tube top, and jeans are probably your best bet. It’s the classic concert attire that’s super easy to put together as well.

Also, if you wanna take it up a notch, match these shoes with straight-leg pants for extra oomph!

11. graphic tee + jeans + leather jacket

outfits to wear to a rock concert

Another simply cute outfit for rock concerts is a t-shirt and a jeans combo. You just can’t go wrong with this. Throw on a leather jacket for the evening or if the weather gets colder.

12. leather skirt + leather bralette + sheer top

outfits to wear to a rock concert

Wow, how beautiful is this? So sexy and perfect for the occasion. I love leather skirts so much, they are great for parties. The black vans look adorable, right?!

13. neon cargo + bralette + half mesh top

outfits to wear to a rock concert

For jaw-dropping rock concert attire, try neon joggers with a simple bralette and half-mesh top. Pair it with matching sneakers, and you’ll love the final look!

14. lace bralette + jeans

outfits to wear to a rock concert

Who can not love a lace bralette top? You can wear it under a leather jacket or plainly like this. It’s sexy, and when accessorized right, it’ll be just the outfit you need to rock.

15. bell bottom jeans + knotted top

what to wear to a rock concert

For an 80s rock concert vibe, bell-bottom jeans should be at the top of your list. They are so cute, I love them for my pear-shaped body! A knotted, printed top and platform heels would do the trick.

16. long denim vest over black dress

what to wear to a rock concert
Courtesy: @raquelclaroriveiro

If you have a denim jacket with patches and embroideries on hand, or you can easily thrift one, I think it will make a really cute rock concert outfit. And it’s so effortless you just need to find a jacket that screams your love for the band!

17. graphic t-shirt + skirt + leather jacket

what to wear to a rock concert
Courtesy: @astridalmanza

Skirts are such a treasure in a closet, match them with a band tee, and you are all set for a night to remember!

18. bikini with a skirt or sheer pants

what to wear to a rock concert

Remember when I told you bikinis are such a cute way to make a rock concert outfit for a win? This is what I meant.

1. leather pants + tube lace top

What to wear to a rock concert + 24 hottest concert outfits to try!

If you have read my secret guide to how to look stylish, you’ll know adding textures like leather can instantly elevate your outfit from drab to fab. And this rock concert outfit shows just that.

Also, if you want some BOMB leather pants outfit ideas to get inspired from, these are a sure hit!

conclusion to what to wear to a rock concert

I hope this has helped give you some ideas of what to wear to a rock concert! Just remember to have fun and be yourself. And if all else fails, just throw on a graphic tee over jeans. If it’s cold, either wear a turtle neck under that t-shirt or a leather jacket for that extra grunge.

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