What to Wear under Graduation Gown for an instagrammably Perfect Look

What to Wear under Graduation Gown

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Alight, alright, the day has arrived! Finally, all those late nights studying and cramming things up, gallons of coffee, and attending early morning classes with half-open eyes are paying off, and you’ll soon have that gorgeous piece of paper in your hand.

But I only wish this day could come with fewer responsibilities! Planning graduation parties, getting your cap and gown, partying one last time with your gang, updating resumes, applying for jobs, and whatnot!

And believeeeee meeee, all that stress, excitement, and rush is the BEST part!

So if you’ve made it this far, I think you freakin’ deserve it to look your best. But, let’s be honest, the graduation gown is not the most flattering piece of clothing. So, what do you wear underneath?

Let’s find that sh*t out!

What to Consider When Choosing What to Wear under Graduation Gown

what to wear under graduation gown

You know what, let’s start with the robe. These bad boys can get pretty warm, so you want to make sure you’re not wearing anything too heavy or thick underneath. A lightweight dress or slacks and a blouse should do the trick. And if you’re feeling fancy, throw on a blazer for that extra oomph.

Other things to consider are –

  • Weather, of course: If it’s hot, you don’t want to be sweating bullets, and if it’s cold, you don’t want to turn into an ice cube. Usually, it is always warm around the grad months.
  • Dress code requirements of school/university: You don’t want to show up in your pajamas or jeans or even dressy pants (Yep, sometimes) only to find out it’s against the rules.
  • Personal comfort level: Graduation day is long, and you don’t want to spend it itching or squirming in your seat.

That being sorted, let’s get you all jacked up for your big day!

What to Wear Under Graduation Gown for Women

what to wear under graduation gown

Ladies, there are SO many options! You could go for a classic white dress or even a printed one (depending on your taste). I have also seen many gals wearing a skirt and blouse combo that looks feminine and chic. Until and unless it comes under business casual, you’re good to go!

Alternatively, pantsuits and jumpsuits are both comfortable and stylish and also put forward that #girlboss factor on your big day. I mean, your Uni/college must know who’s next in line for Forbes 30 under 30!

Oh, there’s one thing you defo need to consider before buying your Grad dress, and that is – pick something that’s body fit, bodycon, or something that clings and flows with your body well. In short, don’t buy those poofy dresses which will make you look like a balloon under a grad gown.

Let’s give you some options that’ll drop the jaws for sure!

What to Wear under Graduation Gown for an instagrammably Perfect Look

What to Wear Under Graduation Gown for Men

For the guys out there, you can’t go wrong with a classic suit and tie. It’s a timeless look that’ll make you look dapper and professional. If you’re feeling more casual, dress pants, a button-up shirt, or a collared shirt with khakis will do the trick. Anything formal, dressy, and black tie should be your vision for what to wear under a graduation gown.

Here are a few options that I liked!

What to Wear under Graduation Gown for an instagrammably Perfect Look

Just remember, your hard work won’t go unnoticed no matter how much spandex, flannel, or clubbing wear are wearing underneath that regal cap and gown!

What shoes to wear to your graduation?

For all my babes, this is not the time to break out those six-inch heels. Trust me, you’ll be doing a lot of walking (and maybe even some dancing) during the ceremony, and you don’t want to wobble around like a baby giraffe. So opt for some comfy flats or low heels instead. Here are some options I cannot turn a blind eye to!

What to Wear under Graduation Gown for an instagrammably Perfect Look

As for colors, here are –

Guys, make sure your shoes are polished and in good condition – no scuffed-up sneakers allowed. It’s a dressy event, so try to dress up a bit. Something like oxford shoes, monk or loafers would work the best. But if you’re feeling daring, try dressy sneakers (yep, they exist!).

Here are a few options straight from my boyfriend’s wishlist, who is currently choosing his graduation outfit!

What to Wear under Graduation Gown for an instagrammably Perfect Look

What accessories should you pick on your big day?

I’ve said time and again that accessories are a game-changer!!

You can start with a statement necklace that can take your outfit from “meh” to “hell yeah.” Big or small, gold or silver, just make sure it compliments your outfit.

Next up, earrings. Not too big, not too small, just enough to say, “I’m fancy, but not trying too hard.”

And last but not least – a wristwatch. It’s functional and stylish, plus you don’t wanna be looking at your phone during the ceremony – that’s just plain disrespectful.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid *please*

what to wear under your graduation gown

1. Make sure your cap and gown fit properly.

I don’t think you want to be squirming with your outfit the entire time, neither is it a good look. And honestly, wearing an ill-fitting cap and gown is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it’s pathetic and never gonna work. So, do yourself a favor and try on your outfit ahead of time, and it takes just 30 seconds to do so!

2. Speaking of details, let’s talk about inappropriate clothing.

Okay, I get it, you want to show off your sexy side, but let’s save it for the after-party. Stick to dresses, skirts, slacks, and blouses that are professional-looking and modest. Believe me, you don’t want to be known as someone who showed up in a crop top and ripped jeans.

3. Don’t choose anything in bright colors like neons.

It’s your graduation. It’s a formal event. For your clothes, your color theme should be white and pastels. Dark hues will look sexy, too, but bright is definitely off the list.

4. And let’s not forget about accessories.

Keep it simple, folks. A little bit of makeup and jewelry can go a long way. You want to look natural and approachable, not like you’re about to hit the red carpet. And please, please, please, do not wear sunglasses inside. I know you want to look cool, but you’ll just end up looking like a confused celebrity. 😵‍💫

5. Lastly, don’t forget to check the dress code AGAIN.

You don’t want to be the one who shows up in a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops while everyone else is dressed to the nines.

final thoughts on what to wear under graduation gown

No matter what you choose to wear underneath your graduation gown, the fact that you made it through the stress and sleepless nights to cross that finish line with a diploma in hand speaks volumes!!!!

I hope these tips, tricks and advice guide you on your journey to graduation day, even if it’s just mental preparation for what’s in store. Enjoy this milestone, it only comes around once!

Walk across that stage with confidence knowing you’ve earned the success you are about to admire.

A HUGE congrats, cutie! xo

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