How to Dress Down a Dress – 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

How to Dress Down a Dress

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Tired of wearing the same dresses over and over again? Here are cool hacks that will help you dress down a dress for a different look every time!

We all love to dress up and look pretty and poized. But that does not mean we go out dressed from head to toe for grocery shopping! 

At times, you will notice that you have spent quite a few bucks on dressy attires of late. And now you are running out of money to invest in casual outfits. Does this mean you will reach your office in that glittery black dress? 

Babe, I know how much you love pretty and classic dresses. But you need to understand that there will be times when you will have to dress up low-key. Certain occasions, places, times and moods do not simply match those pompous and sophisticated dresses. 

And that’s exactly why you must know the art of dressing down your attires. Not just it lets you fit in every place and situation effortlessly, but it also helps you save a great deal of money. You won’t have to spend your hard-earned money again on buying casual or work outfits.

Without much ado, let’s jump straight to the meaty details of how to dress down a dress!

Here’s the Secret to Dress Down a dress or other Fancy Attire!


Today I am here to spill the beans on dressing down your oh-so-gorgeous outfits. Fashion experts, designers and celebs have been using these tricks for so many years now. And it is high time that I reveal this much-awaited secret to you, girl!

Once you go through this article, you will never run out of options to wear to your nearest medical store, workplace, neighbor’s place, theatre, park and so on. I will teach you the exact hacks to dress down a dress so that you, my dear, don’t feel out of place anywhere.

1. Put that cute little baseball cap to use!

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

Take that baseball cap out of your BF’s closet. And pair it up with one of your gorgeous dresses. In no time, your “too-dressy” level goes down from level 10 to 2. You will no longer be a head-turner (for all the wrong reasons) when out for a casual meet-up or maybe running some errands. In fact, wearing a baseball cap can make you look extra cute. It somehow adds that friendly and relaxed vibe to your overall appearance. 

Also, not to forget that the cap will protect your pretty face from harsh UV rays.

You can pair your bodycon dresses, sweatshirt dresses and t-shirt dresses with baseball caps. And in case you are feeling cold, replace the baseball cap with a beanie. Voila!

2. Pair up your dress with sneakers

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

Are you a sneaker-head? If yes, then stop worrying about how to dress down a dress. I have a brilliant idea that can not only simplify your fancy dresses but also give you a lot of comfort.

Next time you step out in that gorgeous dress, do try a pair of sneakers with it. Trust me! Your feet will love you for ditching those heels. Also, they make an amazing match for your sophisticated dresses and add a funky vibe to the attire. 

Sneakers look extremely chic with jersey knit, eyelet, cotton, and denim dresses. You can also experiment with the hemline of your dresses. Floral or ruffle dresses in short lengths or denim, cotton, silk dresses in longer lengths – both go well with sneakers.

Just ensure that sneakers are not too athletic or heavy in appearance. Go for the ones that are low-cut on the sides and have an elongated and slim look. White sneakers go effortlessly with fancy dresses. 

3. Layer it up with a denim jacket

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

Wish to go to that church with your bestie? Not sure how to dress down that showy dress of yours? Let me help you out!

Grab that old, distressed denim jacket of yours and layer it over your dazzling dress. This will instantly bring down the intensity of your attire and add to that laid-back vibe. 

In case a denim jacket is not easily accessible to you at that moment, get your hands on that old shirt of yours. Keep the buttons open and tie the shirt near your waist for that funky look. Don’t forget to fold up the sleeves, babe!

4. Mix N Match classy and shabby pieces!

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

Take your hero piece and pair it with a retro outfit. The combination of vintage and contemporary designs works wonders when you want to dress down your attire.

Or, you can even match up your sassy dress with a casual bag and a pair of sandals. This combination of shabby and classy will effortlessly bring down the overall cosmopolitan vibe of your dress. 

5. Follow the 70/30 rule

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!
Courtesy: @katjamieson_

The 70/30 rule can keep you sorted when you want to mix and match your sophisticated outfits with casual ones. All you need to do is to divide your attire into two parts- 70% of it should seem casual and laid back. At the same time, the remaining 30% can be luxe. 

The best example would be a satin button-down paired with denim jeans and sneakers. Just try this rule once, and you will never run out of ideas to create that free and easy look with your chic outfits.

6. Put on that classy and bossy blazer over your sassy floral dress!

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!
Courtesy: @carriebradshawlied

I know how much eager you are to put on that dressy blazer of yours once again! But wearing this formal and sophisticated outfit is not that easy. You need a perfect occasion like a work meeting, public speaking event or maybe a job interview. 

What if I tell you that you can add that laid-back vibe to your blazer as well?

Basically, you have to mix and match that blazer with your dress, and you are done! To notch up that easygoing attitude, you can put on a pair of white sneakers. Thus, you can dress down your dress as well as your formal blazer in one go. Indeed a win-win situation, girl!

7. Layer your dress with a cardigan, pullover or sweater

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

Want to look all chic and elegant this winter? I have a brilliant idea for you.

Put on a short velvet dress and pair it with a fleece stocking to keep your legs warm. You can either go for black or skin-colored stockings as your dress. 

Next, put on a snuggly, soft and cozy cardigan or pullover and voila! You have successfully managed to dress down your dress with a warm and snuggly sweater. There are a plethora of ways you could wear a sweater over a dress.

8. Pay attention to your makeup and hairstyle for that casual vibe

How to Dress Down a Dress - 8 Insance Fashion Hacks You Must Know!

Not just attires and accessories, but even your makeup and hairstyle play an important role in dressing down your overall appearance. So, to keep things casual and relaxed, I would suggest you stick to neutral shades when it comes to makeup.

Also, wavy and curly hair, messy bun, and loose ponytails add to that “messy hair, I don’t care” vibe! Ditch your hair straighteners, serums and setting sprays for a day and enjoy your raw beauty.

Parting Thoughts on how to dress down a dress

If you ask me, fashion is completely a personal choice. It is absolutely okay if you wish to wear that sassy and luxe dress in a library. As long as you are comfortable and confident and you are not hurting someone’s sentiments, it is okay to wear whatever you want to.

However, if you wish to conform to the decorum and vibe of specific places and times, then I would suggest you dress down your attires accordingly. This way, you will not look like the odd one out. At the same time, because of the perfect blend, you will look well put even in that easy-going ensemble.

Babe, next time you feel like wearing that floral t-shirt dress on a casual outing, try the tips that I have shared with you. Don’t be afraid to experiment as well.

As long as you are happy and satisfied, know that you are wearing the right thing!

Lemme know how this dress-down thingy turned out for you in the comments section!

Eagerly waiting for your response!


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