How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

fashion on a budget

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Who said you need to break the bank to look expensive? With these cool tips, you can totally style on a budget!

Hey girl, you deserve to look like a diva straight out of a movie every day! But, of course, I understand that a limited budget can take a toll on your fashion game. A financial crunch is something that we do not have control on.

It totally depends on different circumstances- your lifestyle, family background, current situation, age and so on. But this does not at all mean that you do not have control over your own styling.

Hold on! What I mean here is that you don’t need to spend a bomb to look good and flaunt your style. A little bit of experimentation, some tweaks here and there and voila! You will look like million-dollar bucks!

See, the thing is that fashion styling is NOT about blindly hoarding expensive clothes and accessories in your closet. Rather, to look great, you have to develop your personal style, know more about your body shape and be smart with your money. You will have to put in effort to understand what goes well on you and how to build up cohesive outfits with the attires you already have in your wardrobe.

Don’t believe me yet? Lemme walk you through the intricacies of embracing contemporary fashion on a budget.

15 Actionable Tips to Look Expensive While Embracing Budget Fashion!

1. Set a fashion budget and adhere to it!

 fashion on a budget

Guilty of overspending every time you go out shopping? Here’s a hack that I have been following since forever!

Create a fashion budget for every month. And adhere to it at all costs. Period!

Basically, when you have a number in front of you, it gets easier to control your temptations. Depending on your earning and expenditures, set a budget for fashion styling. This will give you a clear idea of how much you can afford to spend and what is your exact limit.

2. Be wary of the Shiny Object Syndrome!

fashion on a budget

Just because you can afford an outfit does not mean you have to own it!

But if you are suffering from the Shiny Object Syndrome, you will feel tormented until and unless you buy yourself a specific attire you have set your heart on!

Basically, Shiny Object Syndrome is a psychological condition that keeps you obsessed with materialistic possessions. Maybe you have seen your friend in a black dress. Now you cannot focus on anything else until and unless you get yourself that same dress.

Or, maybe a specific attire is in trend nowadays. And you are feeling left out as you do not have that trendy piece in your closet. Shiny Object Syndrome compels you to indulge in impulsive buying, and that’s the biggest enemy of your money.

So, what you can do is wait for the right moment. You can, of course, get the dress that you want, but only after you have met all your other necessities. Think twice before hitting the “make payment” button, and you will be amazed at the amount of money you get to save by avoiding impulsive purchases. 

And babe, know that following the trends blindly won’t make you a diva. Rather, flaunting what you have with the utmost confidence can do the magic for you!

3. Get rid of outfits you do not wear anymore

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

One of the biggest fashion blunders we all are guilty of making is stocking up on old outfits that we won’t love to wear anymore. Do yourself a favor and donate them, bub!

One, they hold a lot of space in your wardrobe. Two, they don’t look flattering on you because of their worn-out look. 

The stains, broken buttons, and wobbly and shabby look ruin the finish of your overall outfit. 

It is, therefore, better to spend your money on new clothes and accessories rather than wearing old ones. 

4. Make neutrals, basics and textures your BFFs

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks
Courtesy: juliamarieb

Want to look expensive and fancy while on a shoestring budget? Darling, get yourself neutrals, textures and basics. When paired correctly, they have this innate ability to make you look well-put and classy. 

There is definitely something graceful and elegant with the colors like brown, tan, black, burgundy, white, beige and gray. 

To get that poised look, you can invest in evergreen prints such as pinstripes, polka dots and animal prints. 

Textures, too, play a huge role in rendering that fashion-forward look to you, irrespective of the money you have spent on these items.

5. Don’t fall for clearance sales

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

Hold your breath as I am going to drop the biggest truth bomb ever!


The clearance sales that different brands and e-commerce portals organize every other month are NOT stock clearance sales but just a strategy to increase their sale !!!!!!

Yes, babe, that’s true!

Don’t you get amazed at the number of clearance sales they organize in a year? I mean, a clearance sale every 6 months is understood. But a stock clearance sale every month is not feasible, man!

Basically, they trigger your emotions and play with customer psychology by using the words “sale,” “biggest discounts ever,” “stock clearance,” “reduced price,” etc. Such words and phrases compel you to visit their website or offline store. You will convince yourself by saying that you won’t get this product at this rate again.

But wait! Have you compared its original price and the sale price? Is there too much of a difference? And is the stock really going to get over?

Ni babe! They will be back again with another sale the next month. The biggest hack here is to put your favorite fashion outfit on the wishlist and keep comparing the rates during different sales. When you get, say, 50% off, you can go ahead with the purchase. Till then, do not get carried away by their promotional stunts.

6. Invest money in versatile pieces

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

Now I am totally in love with this fashion hack, as it allows me to slay without disturbing my budget. So, here’s what I do!

I invest in quality attires that have versatile usage. For instance, that black trench coat I bought last year can be paired with denim jeans as well as formal trousers. A pair of classic dark denim jeans can be matched with pullovers, sweatshirts, casual tees as well as button-downs.

A black satin shirt can be worn at a party or for a formal meeting as well. I always prefer spending on versatile clothes and accessories that can be worn differently on different occasions. 

Since you will pair them with different pieces to create multiple looks and styles, I would suggest you buy branded or high-quality pieces when it comes to versatile fashion.

7. Befriend an experienced tailor in your neighborhood

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

Want to experience the magic called “personal tailoring?” Go befriend a local tailor, and you will see how drastically your fashion game improves! The tailor can help you with the right fit and shape of your outfits. Alterations to your outfits, when done right, can give you the perfect finish. The tailor will help you with issues like fitting, neckline, hems, sleeves and so on. 

These alterations do not cost you much, and you can give a makeover to your outfits without splurging too much. 

8. Take care of your outfits

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

This may sound obvious. But you would be surprised to know that your outfits lose their charm so quickly because of your rough usage.

You need to be gentle and careful with your outfits. Make sure you do not overwash your clothes. Also, while washing, do follow the wash instructions. Always use cold water gentle wash cycle as well as a mild cleaning agent for your clothes.

Avoid driers when possible, and simply hang your clothes for air drying. In case you have stained any outfit, do mend it first thing when you reach home. Do not keep it as it is otherwise, the stain can get way too difficult to remove.

Keep different fabrics separate so that they do not damage each other because of friction. Also, it is advisable to wash colored clothes and white ones separately.

Use a lint remover to remove the lint from your woolen that makes your outfits shabby and old. 

Do take good care of your accessories as well. Clean your shoes from time to time. Polish them and stack them up on a shoe rack. In case they have got damaged, try to get them repaired immediately to prevent the damage from worsening further. Keep your bags, belts, goggles and other accessories well-maintained and organized.

9. Make the most out of coupons, offers and discounts

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

Keep an eye on the genuine offers, mega discounts and value coupons that brands run. And make the most out of that wifi connection. For instance, you can do a quick Google research to learn about different discount codes, coupons and ongoing offers. Also, when you keep an eye on the offers, you will come to know about various cashback schemes. 

I personally prefer to spend a considerable amount of time checking all the offers, schemes, discounts and coupons to save big on my shopping expenses. 

10. Make room for classic luxury pieces

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks
Courtesy: miamiamine

Instead of spending on hundreds of thrift items, settle down for 10 statement pieces. This will, hands down, enhance your fashion game and make you look plush and rich! Classic pieces are meant to be high-end. Branded products bring to the table a finished look that is hard to find in budget stores. But this does not mean that you splurge on branded attires all the time. 

Simply choose 5 to 10 statement pieces, such as a trench coat, a handbag, a wristwatch, a belt, and so on. Investing in high-end clothes and accessories draws attention to their premium appearance and adds an element of grace and opulence to your overall outfit.

11. Get yourself well-fitted undergarments

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

Always go for curve-hugging undergarments that make you feel comfortable and confident. Oversized or undersized lingeries can hamper your appearance and make you look out of place. Well-fitted undergarments will offer you the right support and accentuate your best features. Also, fitted undergarments enhance the overall look of your outfit.

12. Keep yourself well-groomed

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

No matter how cohesive your outfits are, yet you will look shabby if you have not paid attention to personal grooming of late.

Staying well-groomed not just makes you look presentable but also adds to your confidence. So, even if you are too busy, make time for personal grooming.

For instance, indulge in an everyday skincare routine and pamper your skin once a week for that extra care. Style your hair the way you want, keep your mane healthy and beautiful. Pay attention to personal hygiene and smell good. 

13. Take inspiration from fashion influencers

Follow fashion influencers and draw inspiration from their content. The way they style themselves, the hacks they share with you, the way they carry themselves- you can follow all these and improve your fashion game manifolds. Their hacks and suggestions will remarkably add to your elegance.

14. Use accessories strategically

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

The right accessories can add to your opulence and make you look well-put. Pairing statement accessories with your budget outfits is a brilliant hack that you can use if you want fashion on a budget.

For instance, get yourself tote bags and clutches that go well with your outfit. Buy shoes keeping in mind the clothes that you would be pairing them with. A cool sunglass can add to your aesthetic beauty and, at the same time, protect your delicate eyes from the glare of the sun.

Don’t wear random accessories. Rather plan, buy and adorn them strategically to get that edgy and luxe appearance.

15. Create a capsule wardrobe

How to ace Fashion on a Budget: 15 tips to look like a million bucks

If you have a financial crunch, then having a capsule wardrobe is non-negotiable. Investing in wardrobe essentials and styling them differently to create a fresh look every time requires lots of experimentation and experience. But with practice, you can ace it easily. 

Shopping Paradise for Those Who Prefer Pocket-friendly Fashion

Looking for shopping points from where you can make guilt-free purchases at budget-friendly rates? Here are a few shopping destinations you would totally love!

1. Instagram stores

More and more local businesses are coming on Instagram nowadays. And the best part is that their products are quite reasonable as compared to the big brands.

So, if you are looking for good quality clothes and accessories at an affordable price range, you should definitely explore some of these reliable Instagram fashion stores. Trust me, you will be able to save a great deal of money while shopping from these local brands.

2. Thrift shops and flea markets

Another great option for shopping at a pocket-friendly price is to visit thrift shops and check their collection. Thrift shops offer a lot of variety in terms of choices. You will get to buy the trendiest stuff at unbelievably low prices. My personal favorites are Cure Thrift and Beacon’s Closet in NYC.

3. Stores selling pre-loved clothes

There are many fashion influencers as well as stores, both online and offline, that provide pre-loved clothes at pocket-friendly rates. These pre-loved clothes can be branded as well as of normal quality. But you should definitely give them a shot!

You won’t get specific pieces when shopping from these stores. But you would definitely get lots of quality stuff that match your fashion mood board.

Wrapping Up – fashion on a budget!

Babe! It’s okay if you are running on a shoestring budget. You will soon experience better times. But all this while, you won’t have to compromise on your fashion game. Simply follow my tips and hacks, and your styling will notch up manifolds. The world does not have to know your struggles. Show them your raw beauty wrapped in a strategic fashion. 

I really hope this article caters to your budget fashion woes. Next time someone tells you that fashion on a budget is impossible, prove them wrong – THRICE!!!

All the best, dearie!


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