What Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottoms: 10 That Match the Best

Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottoms

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Keeping up with fashion isn’t just about trends—it’s about feeling good in your skin and, yeah, making that killer first impression. Ever reminisce about those bell-bottom vibes from the past?

Flash forward, they’ve made a triumphant return, and honestly, my wardrobe is living for it. Bell bottoms are not just a nod to nostalgia but a style staple, especially for those with a pear-shaped bod.

Thinking of giving them a whirl? I’ve got you covered on how to nail the look, right down to the shoes. Whether you’re strutting on platform heels or keeping it casual with sneakers, it’s all about flaunting those bell-bottoms with confidence.

So, let’s now find out the 10 best Shoes to wear with bell-bottoms & nail the look!

1. Sneakers

shoes to wear with bell-bottoms

For people looking for a more casual and sporty look, sneakers have always managed to stay in the limelight.  When wearing bell-bottom pants, they are the first thing that comes to my concern considering the comfort sneakers give to my feet. 

Easy to wear for running errands, brisk walks, casual gatherings, and more, sneakers are my true favorites. And why not? They stand out as the perfect combination of comfort and style knit together in an effortless manner. 

2. Ankle Boots

shoes to wear with bell bottom jeans
Courtesy: @jeanne_andreaa

Today the world of fashion is constantly experiencing changes, and this applies to ankle boots as well. The old monotonous ankle boots are now available in different designs, but if you are looking to pair one with bell bottoms, be sure to check out the almond toes or square-toe ones. 

I do not recommend wearing boots longer than that with bell bottoms because they will either get covered underneath the pant or spoil the flare look of the pant. But do make sure to pick up ankle boots that are a little above your ankle to get a clean and uninterrupted look. 

3. Platform boots

shoes to wear with bell-bottom pants

Coming to my favorite – HEELS! The best friend to women, especially for the short heightened ones, platform heels can accentuate any look in any outfit, even bell-bottom pants.

Trust me!!! What I love about platform heels is they will make your feet so comfortable even when you are wearing a 5-inch heel. Your feet won’t complain of the strain it is causing due to the heels because it’s a ‘platform’ one.

And a 5-inch would make you feel like you are just wearing a 2-inch high shoe, lol! That is a smart design, isn’t it? So you get to walk comfortably and look glamorous, and all while wearing heels- that is a win-win deal. 😀

4. Flats

what shoes to wear with bell-bottoms
Courtesy: @flyingmonkey

Comfort is a very important factor when styling attire. And this applies to shoes the most. Putting on any shoe that makes it difficult for you to walk will destroy your overall appearance, no matter how expensive and gorgeous your outfit is.

This is why flat sandals happen to be a popular favorite for women. They can be easily paired with bell-bottom pants and are currently trending worldwide. 

If you wish to stand out of the crowd in your bell-bottom pants and flats, look for a cool pair in colors or embellishments, but make a good decision by keeping your pant color and print in mind. Black and blue bell-bottom pants can be easily paired with almost any color of flats you choose. 

6. Pumps

shoes to wear with flare jeans
Courtesy: @connieos

Also referred to as plimsolls, these shoes are another one on the list I have for you to pair with your bell-bottom pants. Pumps come in different styles- including simple flat pumps and the heel version- so you get to pick one, keeping your preference in mind. 

The flat pumps are typical for walking, jogging, or any kind of exercise. They are even medically recommended for people suffering from ankle or knee-related ailments. So whether you are 16 r 60, pumps are always there as an option for you with your bell-bottom pants. 

7. Chelsea Boots 

best shoes to wear with bell-bottoms

Once referred to as Paddock boots, this shoe style is quite similar to that of Ankle boots and is very comfortable to walk in. Ever since the bell-bottom pants trend came up during the 70s, Chelsea boots are commonly paired with them for their ability to make you appear sexy and attractive. 

When wearing flare pants, it is important to show off the style they feature and stick to shoes that are ankle length only. This is why women during the 19th century too preferred wearing Chelsea boots with bell-bottom pants. So, if you wish to get dressed in the 70s-80s vibe, pick up a chunky heel Chelsea boot. They are super trendy even today! 

8. Wedge

shoes to wear with bell-bottoms jeans
Courtesy: @lipchicboutique

The next on my list is wedges. Because I love wearing heels and comfort is my top priority, wedges have a big space in my closet. They are, in fact, one of the most commonly purchased items in my shoe shopping list.

Doing great justice to bell-bottom pants, wedges elevate your height, throw a good light on your bell-bottom style pants, and, all while make you feel like you are walking in flat sandals. 

With wedges, you will never feel pressure on your feet, which is why it is also a good choice for those with ankle issues. Want to know a secret from this wedge lover? Go for black, cork, or tan shade wedges to easily pair them with any outfit. 

9. Mules

What Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottoms: 10 That Match the Best
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Another footwear option that I absolutely love to wear with bell bottoms is mules. Don’t get me started about how insanely comfortable yet stylish they are. Back fashion, owing to their versatility and walkability, you can pair them up with your flare pants for work, dates, parties, or even the happy hour you wish to spend on a solo date

Giving a new dimension to the square-shaped chunky heels, this footwear style is available in all height options, from flats to high heels so you can choose what pleases your feet!

9. Strappy heels

What Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottoms: 10 That Match the Best
Courtesy: @emmanuellek_

By far the easiest shoes to wear with bell bottoms or any other jeans, dress or pants are strappy heels. You don’t even have to think twice as they’ll work magic in dressing up an outfit for a party or something.

If you have the normal ones, that’s perfect! If you don’t, select heels with a unique heel shape that actually uplifts your attire and makes space for all the sass. They are just the right investment in styling uniqueness and keeping your feet happy. 

10. Retro sneakers 

What Shoes to Wear with Bell-Bottoms: 10 That Match the Best
Courtesy: @lenafarl

Sneakers of all kinds would go beautifully with this statement piece but if you wish to add that instant flair to your everyday bell-bottom outfit, retro sneakers are the way to go!

Choose something with a little heel, fun prints and pattern, and a lot of comforts and you’ll be good to run errands, go to the office, or even have a casual brunch with your besties all while dusting pixie and sass.

tips to keep in mind when finding shoes to wear with bell-bottoms

  • To make sure your style statement is the best in town, it is essential to always prioritize the accessories you are wearing. Even match the color, texture, or pattern of your accessories to the shoes.
  • Also, make sure that the hemline of your bell bottoms should never end up creeping underneath the shoe or heel. While some say this gives a contemporary touch to your look, I believe it also doubles the risk of tripping and breaking your legs, lol.
  • If you’re an apple or pear-shaped body, you could style a top that has dramatic sleeves to give an hourglass illusion. For an hourglass shape body, you could choose to wear something more fitted like a crop top.

last words on shoes to wear with bell-bottom jeans

Hope you find this blog informative. If you have other footwear styles in concern that can be worn with bell-bottom pants, feel free to drop them down in the comments below. I will share it with other readers with a style courtesy to you. 

Thanks and bye. Take care girls!!!

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