How to Dress if You Are Top Heavy Women – 11 Fashion Tips and Tricks You Must Know!

how to dress Top Heavy women

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Say goodbye to fashion frustrations and hello to a wardrobe that works for your top heavy body shape, because curves are meant to be celebrated!

Dressing right can make you look like you are straight out of a fashion show, irrespective of your body type and size. The same rule goes for you, even if you are a top-heavy person. I know how difficult it gets at times to choose outfits that cater to your specific needs. The biggest issue is creating the right balance between your upper and lower torso.

And to strike this balance, you must be aware of the necklines, silhouettes, colors and patterns that flatter your bulky upper torso. When you put on the right outfits that cater to your top heavy body frame, they do not just make you look gorgeous but also make you will feel comfortable while working and moving around. 

Want to know the secrets of how to dress if you have a top heavy body shape? Your girl has got you covered!

This blog post discusses everything you need to know if you are top-heavy. From catering to your styling queries to let you know the nitty-gritty of having a top-heavy body structure, I will be sharing all the details you need to know!

Just grab your laptop, sip in your smoothie and scroll down to know the juicy details!

How to Determine Whether or Not You Are Top Heavy Woman?

top heavy body shape

First of all, it is necessary to understand whether or not you are top-heavy. Below-mentioned are some characteristics that you can check to determine your body size and type:

If you are a top heavy body shape, here is how it looks on you:

  • Your busts are fuller and more prominent.
  • The bust area carries most of the weight above your waist.
  • Your shoulders are broader compared to the rest of your body.
  • You have an inverted triangle body shape.

Now go up to the mirror and check for all these characteristics and ensure if you are top heavy or not.

Once you are fully confident that you have got a top-heavy body frame, proceed with these 11 sure-fire styling hacks and slay your fashion game.

11 Proven Fashion Hacks for top heavy women to Accentuate Your Styling Game!

Being bust-heavy is not a big deal. Whenever you style your outfits, the ultimate aim should be to elongate your body frame, create an illusion of an hourglass body structure and also offer ample support to your fuller bust. 

I have enlisted the top 11 fashion hacks that you will find quite handy in achieving these above-mentioned fashion goals.

1. Go for bold color bottoms

top heavy body shape

Do you know why your bottoms matter when you are trying to style your top-heavy body frame? The logic behind this is that your bottom will strategically divert the attention from your heavy bust area. 

So, next time you go shopping for your bottoms, make sure you get yourself all of them in bold and bright colors. Experiment with vibrant colors like orange, red, yellow, etc. Basically, you are camouflaging your bigger bust area by opting for bold and bright bottoms, so that all the attention goes there.  

2. Opt for A-line shapes over bodycon dresses 

top heavy body shape

If you have checked my previous articles on how to choose different silhouettes according to your body type, you must be aware that I am a big fan of A-line silhouettes. If you have a top-heavy body figure, then make sure you go for A-line silhouettes. This silhouette is a lifesaver for those with prominent bust areas. 

The A-line cut not just looks cute and chic but also makes you feel comfortable. Also, this silhouette adds the right amount of volume to your lower half so that your body seems well-proportioned.

So yeah, get yourself dressed in A-line cut to create the illusion of a well-balanced upper and lower torso!

3. Define your waistline

top heavy body shape

I know how much you crave that hourglass figure! Only if your hips were as fuller as your bust area!

But this does not mean that you cannot fake an hourglass shape?! 😉

The key is to choose outfits that cinch your waist and define your waistline. 

So, always avoid dresses, shirts, and tops that appear loose or baggy near your waist. Instead, put on tops that you can tuck inside your bottoms. Or, you can get yourself a few sleek belts that add to your chic look and cinch in your waist. Wearing high-waisted jeans or joggers is also a great option to get a well-defined waistline. 

4. Keep ruffles and embellishments at bay

top heavy body shape
Now, this outfit is simply bad but you see how her chest area is looking bigger with ruffles?

Ruffles and embellishments on your top will add unnecessary volume to your already fuller bust area. So, avoid wearing any top or dress that has ruffles or embellishments on your chest area. Rather, go for V necks to add that slimming effect to your top half.

See, babe, if you add any details near your bust region, it will garner unnecessary attention. Also, this will make your busts look bulkier. 

So, next time you crave to add some ruffles or embellishments to your outfits, add them to your bottoms instead of tops. For instance, you can pair your blouse with a ruffled skirt and look fabulous in no time. 

5. Avoid oversized tops, shirts or dresses

top heavy women
This outfit would have looked 100x better with a defined waistline, maybe with a belt?!

I know, I know, babe, oversized tops are so in trend!

But since we are here to strike a balance between your top and bottom half, I will suggest you avoid oversized tops, shirts and hoodies. 

Maybe your heart is shattering into pieces right now. But babe, one this is for sure – oversized outfits do not look good on your top heavy body frame.

Oversized tops add undue volume to your upper torso. They make you look fat, bulky and shapeless. It is, therefore, advisable to go for fitted tops with slightly lower necklines.

6. Keep a check on the pattern of your bottoms

top heavy women

As I said earlier, bottoms can draw focus away from your bulky upper torso. So, feel free to experiment with your bottoms. Apart from wearing bright and colorful bottoms, pay attention to the patterns on your bottoms.

One trick that works extremely well for my top heavy friend is that she wears a neutral color top and matches it with a pair of bright bottoms or something that has bold patterns.

This creates a sort of visual illusion that her narrow hips are not so narrow, which makes the overall body shape look awesome and balanced.

7. Wear crop tops with caution

top heavy women
This would have looked a lot better with flared jeans or a lengthy crop top

Darling! I know how much you love your crop tops. But what if I say that these crop tops are responsible for making you look thicker and bigger?

Yes, you read that right!

Crop tops have this unique ability to attract all the attention to your upper torso. And this is the last thing you want if you have a top-heavy figure. They make your upper body appear bigger than it actually is. Also, your upper torso will look much shorter. 

So, it is better to go for tops that are a bit longer in length. Not only do they elongate your torso, but they also make your body appear shapely.

8. Check for fitness near your bust area

top heavy women

Whenever you buy a new outfit or get it tailored, ensure that the attire fits perfectly around your bust area. If it is ill-fitted near your chest, then the overall appearance of your outfit will get hampered.

Also, the creases, wrinkles and bulkiness near your chest will further draw attention to your heavy upper torso, which is the last thing you want (at least I’m assuming!). 

9. Try wide-legged pants

top heavy women

You can put on those comfy, stylish, and trendy wide-legged pants to create that illusion of a taller body frame and a slimmer waistline. You’ll look leaner instantly, thereby minimizing the impact of your full bust size. 

I personally love wide-legged pants and wear them a lot coz’ they define my waistline, make it look shapely and thinner and also allow me to move around freely.

10. Play with layers

top heavy women

Layering is one of my favorite tricks to conceal my top-heavy look. I love layering my crop tops or spaghetti tops with a denim jacket, kimono, shrug or cardigan.

The moment you add that extra layer to your top, you are actually balancing out the heaviness at your bust area. Also, layering your outfits add that element of aesthetics and make you look stylish and chic. 😉

11. Choose the right undergarments

How to Dress if You Are Top Heavy Women - 11 Fashion Tips and Tricks You Must Know!

Are you wearing the wrong undergarments? Are you not offering the right support to your chest area? 

Babe, it is a must to wear undergarments that fit your bust area properly. Proper fitting is the key to avoiding the bulkiness of your chest. Also, the right lingerie will prevent your heavy boobs from sagging down.

What Not to Wear if you are a Busty Girl?

Now, I have 12 things to definitely not wear for busty women, but here are my top 5 –

1. A big No-No to heavy fabric, especially at the top.

Any type of heavy fabric on your body will further add to the heaviness of your upper torso. So, always choose fabrics that are lighter and glide smoothly over your body.

2. Get rid of necklaces that sit right on your boobs.

Always wear necklaces that kiss your collarbones or simply reach your sexy abs! But get rid of any necklace that sits right in your bust area. This attracts all the attention to your top-heavy upper body, which you certainly don’t want!

3. Say No to high necklines.

High necklines do not look flattering on your body type as they accentuate your prominent bust. It is, therefore, advisable that you stop wearing any outfit that comes with high necklines.

4. DO NOT wear clothes that are too tight.

When I say “fitted”, do not take it as “tight.” Being a top-heavy woman, you should not wear outfits that are too tight. Not just they look inappropriate, but they also make you feel suffocated and also focus on your heavy bust area.

5. No more push-up bras.

We all know what push-up bras are meant for! They give your girlies that extra “push” and nudge so that they appear bigger, fuller and rounder!

But you are already blessed with heavy boobs! So, as a basic rule of thumb, avoid wearing push-up bras from now onwards. 

Styling Dos and Don’ts for all the Top Heavy women to slay their game!

  • Make jumpsuits with straight, wide or flared bottoms your BFF!
  • Go for wide shoulder straps to minimize your broad shoulders.
  • Opt for a shorter hemline so that you can flaunt your slender and slim legs.
  • Choose dark colors for the tops to get that lean and slim effect.
  • Jackets that are buttonless or single-breasted will compliment your top-heavy body frame.
  • Pay attention to the sleeves as well. You must avoid any top that comes with a halter neck, muscle back or cut-in sleeves.
  • Long, boot-cut jeans can add to your sensual charm and create the illusion of taller legs.
  • Match your footwear with your bottoms. This will make your legs appear sleek and slender, thus offering that lean and thin effect.

Final Thoughts on How to Dress Top Heavy women!

I believe in celebrating every body type and body size, and so should you, dear! Coz’ the real beauty of a woman lies in her raw, true self. Your beauty in no way is determined by whether you are bottom-heavy, top-heavy, size zero and so on. So, first thing first, get rid of that negative mindset and accept yourself with open arms.

Next, try to understand your body type as closely as possible. Know the silhouettes that look best on you. Find style tips that take your game up a notch. Choose fabrics that compliment your body type and also keep you comfortable. Don’t get blinded by fashion trends. Rather, wear outfits that compliment your body type and make you happy. 

Next time you plan to give a makeover to your wardrobe or go shopping for new clothes, feel free to refer to this article. I am sure it will come in really handy for you and reduce the time you spend in trial rooms. 

This elaborate guide will not just help you in choosing the right outfits but also help you steer clear of everything that can ruin your fashion game.

And if you have any more doubts, you can also shoot your queries in the comment section. I promise to get back to you ASAP!

Will get back to you super soon!

Toodles, xo!

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