How to Hide Belly Fat – Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!

how to hide belly fat with clothes

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Hey there, gorgeous! Struggling to rock that bodycon dress because of pesky belly bulges? We’ve all been there. Working long hours at a desk and indulging in cheesy burgers can sure give us that cute muffin top look. But fear not, I’ve got your back!

If you want to look stunning without sacrificing your favorite foods or hitting the gym non-stop, I’ve got some styling tricks up my sleeve. Keep scrolling for fashion secrets to hide those belly bulges and embrace your curves with confidence!

How to Hide Belly Fat – Step 1: Get your basics right!

1. Choose the right lingerie and undergarments

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!

The right set of undergarments and lingerie can not just boost your confidence but also provide ample support to your body frame.

Always opt for high-rise undergarments to tuck in your belly jiggles. And choose a bra that hugs your curves firmly and prevents sagging.

2. Get your body posture right

A poor body posture will not just increase your joint pains but also loosen your body muscles unevenly.

For instance, if you work from your home while sitting all day in your bed, then gradually, you will notice your belly bulges and love handles getting prominent. Your slouchy posture can not just make you look fat but also harm your natural body type

And trust me, it’s coming from first-hand experience!

3. Invest in some good shapewear

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!
Courtesy: @ashley_emilyxox

Can we talk shapewear for a moment? If you haven’t tried it yet, you are seriously missing out. Shapewear can work wonders by smoothing out any lumps and bumps and giving you that extra boost of confidence.

Look for high-quality pieces that are comfortable and provide targeted support where you need it most.

4. Embrace High-Waisted Everything!

First things first, high-waisted bottoms are your new best friend. From jeans to skirts, anything that sits above your natural waistline can help create a smoother silhouette. These pieces cinch in your waist and flow over your belly, giving the illusion of a flatter tummy. Plus, they’re super stylish—double win!

5. Be mindful while selecting fabrics

The clothes, fabrics, and cuts you wear say and determine how your outfit looks more than your body fat.

So yes, curvy women should always, always opt for flowy fabrics rather than clingy ones, find pieces with vertical lines or diagonal patterns rather than horizontal ones.

Also, low-quality, thin fabrics are a big NO, so please go for high-quality, thicker materials when building your wardrobe.

6. Learn the art of layering

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!
Courtesy: @PetiteElliee

Layering can be highly effective in hiding belly jiggles without much struggle. When you layer ‘em right, the focus shifts away from your tummy area. 

For instance, you can try layering your tank top with a plaid shirt or put on a shrug over your t-shirt and shorts to hide your belly bulge in style. I personally love layering my outfits as it brings out that laid-back, low-effort kinda style that seems cool and chic. 

7. Opt for Dark Colors and Prints

While bright colors and bold patterns are fun, dark hues and subtle prints are your allies when it comes to hiding belly fat. Blacks, navy blues, and deep greens have a slimming effect. If you love prints, go for smaller patterns that create a more streamlined look.

How to Dress to Hide Belly Fat – 24 Styling Tips by Experts!

1. Highlight your best assets!

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!

Having a belly flab does not mean that you cannot dress up and exude your sassy vibe around. To shift the attention of onlookers from your belly jiggles, you should try to highlight your best assets.

For instance, if you have sleek, slender, sexy legs, style your outfits in a way to garner attention to your legs. Or, if your breasts are your biggest asset (pun intended), put on that seductive, plunging top or dress to flaunt what you have got.

Or, if you have gorgeous locks, consider styling your hair and highlighting/coloring it in a way that people get compelled to notice your hair & keep them open. 

This will drive all the negative attention away from your problem area, i.e., your flabby tummy, to your precious areas.

2. Steer clear of all your low-rise jeans

Next time you plan to de-clutter your wardrobe, make it a point to discard all your low-rise jeans. ALL OF THEM. Low-rise jeans just end below your tummy and further add to your stomach bulges, making the muffin top look bigger than it already is.

So, even if you feel that low-rise jeans are in trend, get rid of them. It is better to create your own trend rather than end up in a fashion disaster.

3. Go for ruffle tops

dress Petite busty body
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Another great way to hide belly fat is to wear ruffle tops. I am so in love with the flared design of these tops. They not only conceal your muffin-top figure but also make you look feminine and elegant.

Ruffle tops, especially in dark colors, will do the trick for you and make you look gorgeous effortlessly!

4. Say hi to peplum tops

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Peplum tops are so in trend nowadays, and you can make the most out of this fashion trend to drive attention away from your belly fat.

A peplum hemline is ideal for all the girls out there who have the muffin top figure. They magically make you look slim while offering you enough room to breathe and stay comfortable.

The flowy pattern of a peplum hemline does not highlight your stomach area, and that’s a huge relief!

5. Opt for mid-rise jeans

Anything too high or too low can accentuate your tummy fat. So, to avoid this fashion ruckus, make sure you choose mid-rise jeans always.

They land right on your tummy, thereby tucking it in. And when you pair it with the right shape wear, they can create an illusion of a flat abdomen, so yayy!! 

No love handles, and belly bulges will be visible at all.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it, darling?

6. Try wrap dresses for a lovely shock

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @petiteelliee

Hiding belly fat and wrap dresses go hand-in-hand. I would ask you to choose them over tight dresses and corsets, any freakin’ time. Not only do they look elegant and classy, aesthetic and feminine, but also it’s a wrap-around flap hides your tummy bulge in the most effortless way possible.

Plus, you can cinch the dress around your waist to give it a well-defined shape. The “fit and flare” effect of a wrap dress helps you strike the right balance between your upper and lower torso and add to the slimming effect so you can feel confident enough for

7. Go for one-color outfits

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @leah_geee

This, indeed, has to be one of my favorite settling tricks to blend in belly bulges. You can consider it as a sort of optical trick!

So, the catch is to wear matching tops and bottoms to create that unbroken, sleek and slender line. So when a person sees you, he sees you from top to bottom so his eyes don’t go to your waist area.

Irrespective of the color, fabric and texture you choose, this monochromatic look will successfully hide your belly bulges and love handles.

Since co-ords are so in trend at present, I would suggest you stock in some of the best co-ord sets. Not only will they make you a trend follower, but they also hide belly jiggles instantly. So it’s a win-win!

8. Wear untucked tops

When you tuck in your tops and shirts, they draw attention to your tummy area. And obviously, you don’t want that, right?

So, if you have belly flab, instead of tucking in your tops and shirts, start wearing them loose over your jeans, pants and skirts.

Go for short shirts and blouses that fall loosely on your stomach and reach your hips. This trick works great in concealing belly fat.

9. Jumpsuits and rompers to your rescue!

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!

Jumpsuits in darker hues can easily hide your belly bulges. They are an absolute favorite among ladies with midriff issues. These jumpsuits, because of their chic and slender design, help onlookers ignore your tummy area and create an overall slender and slimming effect.

Pro tip: Avoid chunky prints and light-colored or multi-colored jumpsuits. Instead, opt for dark shades such as black, wine, navy blue and so on. 

10. Play with Proportions

Balancing proportions in your outfits can make a huge difference. Pair fitted tops with more flowy bottoms, or vice versa. This contrast draws attention to your best assets and creates a balanced look. For instance, a fitted blouse tucked into an A-line skirt can be incredibly flattering!

11. Accessorize Smartly

Accessories can be game-changers. Long necklaces, statement earrings, and eye-catching shoes can draw attention upwards and away from your belly area. A well-placed belt can also accentuate your waist and create a more defined shape.

12. Pair loose long tops or shirts with skinny jeans and leggings

Ah! I am a big fan of this classic laid-back look!

Just put on your favorite long top or shirt and leave it untucked. Pair it with curve-hugging leggings or jeans. And you are sorted!

This casual, chic and effortless look will not just add to your sassy vibes but also help you conceal your tummy fat in the most effortless way ever. 

The loose, flowy top/shirt will shift focus away from your heavy midriff and create an overall balanced look. 

13. Get yourself Flowy dresses in a dark color

Bring on that Cinderella vibe by wearing a flowy gown! This will 100X your feminine vibe and also hide your belly fat like magic. The flowy silhouette and light fabric will keep you comfortable and, at the same time, help you hide your belly fat like a pro!

14. Get a wide, statement belt

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!
Courtesy: @stylemeupwithsakshi

Avoid narrow belts and get yourself wide, statement belts. They help in tucking in your belly fat and, at the same time keep, help you accessorize up in style. 

15. Shift dresses over bodycon silhouettes

Shift dresses can be your savior when it comes to hiding your belly fat. When you move, the dress moves to give you a lot of room. So, a shift dress helps you conceal your belly fat even while you are on the move. 

Secondly, these dresses are straight fit from top to bottom. So, they easily hide your love handles and also give structure to your body type.

16. Get yourself trousers/pants with built-in panels

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @petiteelliee

Wear pants or slim fit trousers that come with built-in panels as they help in blending in your tummy fat and offer you solid support at the stomach. Also, they shift the focus from your problematic midriff area. 

17. Opt for an asymmetrical hemline

Tops and blouses with asymmetrical hemlines can help you camouflage your tummy bulges in style as they create vertical lines for the eyes to go, instead of horizontal across the body, and ensure that the focus is not on your tummy area.

18. Choose tops and dresses with a ruched design

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!

Ruched tops and blouses can be ideal for hiding your muffin top figure. The ruching design near the waist keeps the midriff bulkiness at bay. So, I would suggest you invest in ruched tops over plain tops if you have a heavy stomach. 

19. Choose Zipper-front jeans over button-front jeans

When you put on a pair of button-front jeans, it evens out your belly fat and camouflages your belly jiggles. On the other hand, when you put on button-front jeans, it grabs all the attention to the tummy area. So, choose zipper-front jeans over button-front ones to hide belly fat.

20. Choose fitted empire waist dresses over billowy empire waist dresses

The empire silhouette is considered to be the best for ladies with belly jiggles. But, it is important to wear a fitted empire waist dress. Otherwise, you may end up looking fat and bulky.

Billowy empire waist dresses can make you look as if you are pregnant- thanks to your muffin top figure! So, always opt for a fitted empire waist dress over a loose one.

21. Choose accessories smartly to blend in your belly fat

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!
Courtesy: @leah_geee

The key to looking good and well put even with those tummy bulges is to accessorize rightly! When you choose your accessories wisely, you get to divert the attention away from your stomach area to your quirky and stylish accessories.

Examples of such accessories are scarves, statement necklaces, chunky ring, etc. 

22. The sleeves of your dress/tops matter!

You may not realize it, but the right sleeve length plays an important role too. If your sleeves end right beside your stomach area, then it will make your tummy area look bulky. So, get yourself blouses, shirts or tops with sleeves that end either above your tummy or reach below your hip area. 

23. Invest in branded outfits that offer exact fits as per your boy frame and size

How to Hide Belly Fat - Spilling 31 Beans on Smart Fashion Styling!
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Branded outfits are always true about their sizes and fitting. They actually take care of different body types and cater to the fashion needs and comfort of ladies. These brands prioritize your comfort and, at the same time, offer stylish designs that can help you hide your problem areas. 

24. Discard thin and sheer fabrics

Thin and sheer fabrics often cling to your body, thereby accentuating your belly flab. So, make it a point to avoid any outfit that comes in thin or sheer fabric. 

Wrapping it Up – how to hide belly fat with clothes

Blame it on your food preferences or work life, or even hormonal issues; having belly bulges is extremely common. But there’s nothing to feel sad about it. 

Darling, the celebs you see on the first page of fashion magazines do not have a perfect body. It is just that they know the styling secrets to create an illusion of a “perfect, well-proportioned, model-like body.”

Now that I have spilled all the beans about how to hide belly fat, even you can flaunt your sexy body by making smart and sassy styling choices.

Apart from styling, I would request you choose a healthy lifestyle where you make conscious choices about what you eat, how you work, what posture you embrace, and how often you work out.

See, the idea is to stay healthy and fit and look sassy and gorgeous! Just put in some real effort, and you will see real results.

Will be back with another banger topic soon!

Until next time!

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