How to wear a sweater dress like a fashionista

how to style a sweater dress outfits (14)

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Are you looking to incorporate sweater dresses into your wardrobe? Learn how to style sweater dress to create timeless ensembles!

Even though I hate winter and freezing in the cold, the only few things that keep me alive are hope that summer’s around the corner, the magical Christmas eve, and of course, winter fashion.

The puffer jackets, fuzzy sweaters and boots and everything that I can create with my clothes. When that first chill hits, it’s time to start showing off your cold-weather looks. That being said, sweater dresses are a huge rage right now. I mean, they weren’t out of style ever but the obsession with sweater vests and dresses is on a different level now.

And why not? Sweater dresses are a great way to stay warm and look chic all winter long. Not to forget, it takes 2 seconds to take a knit dress from school to the office to a party. Talk about versatility!

But if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably worn your sweater dress the same way more than once – with boots and maybe a belt around the waist.

This season, why not switch it up with some fresh styling ideas? Here are xx ways to make your sweater dress pop!

how to style a sweater dress

1. the classic look – belt & boots

Let’s get this basic but decent sweater dress outfit out of the way. This is probably the very first ensemble that comes to anybody’s mind. Ankle, knee-high or thigh-high boots with a sharp-fitting belt to cinch the waist could do all the needed magic.

Belts are the perfect accessory for adding shape and definition to an otherwise shapeless sweater dress. Pick one in a contrasting color or material – like leather or suede – to really draw attention.

2. wear it with tights

How to wear a sweater dress like a fashionista
Courtesy: extrapetite

Why freeze purposely when there are so many cool innovations at play – like the viral fur-lined tights? Pair them with your sweater dress and you’re good to add an interesting element to the attire.

Tights provide the perfect layer between your favorite sweater dress and winter boots without adding bulk. Plus, you can pick out colored tights that coordinate perfectly with the rest of your look!

3. turn the heads with pants

celebrity sweater dress outfit

Not feeling the tights look? No problem! You can also try layering your oversized sweater dress over pants for a comfortable, insanely cozy and highly stylish outfit that will take you from running errands to a fashion show real quick!

You’ll see so many in-the-box sweater dress outfits on the streets and no, nothing’s wrong with them but are they really out of vogue? Umm, if not, this ensemble has got your back!

4. throw a blazer

You know how they say, if nothing works, put on a blazer? Okay, only I say that, but it sure works!

A long dress or short, the right blazer will do justice to your sweater dress outfit. You could either go with a same-color family blazer like beige over a white dress or go with complementing colors like a beige blazer with a bright-toned sweater dress or vice versa.

And to complement this look, opt for stiletto heels or ankle boots matching the shade of your blazer for a cohesive attire. 

I prefer wearing high-neck sweater dresses on a chilly day. To make this look a little more classy, I go for a dainty gold necklace. 

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5. Pair with a denim jacket

cool sweater dress outfit
Courtesy: samieze

Have you given thought to that denim jacket in your wardrobe? Yes, yes, it may not be your first preference, but only if you knew how coooool this duo looks, you’d wear it often. We all would!

They are perfect for adding an interesting element; plus, who doesn’t want to stay toasty?

Now, denim jackets are typically blue, so these ones will go well with contrasting colors like pink, white, or orange. But this shouldn’t stop you from opting for black, white, or any other colored jacket that goes best with your sweater dress outfit.

To complement this look, go for a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots. If you love wearing heels, go for boot heels. This outfit is perfect for a casual date or corporate meeting. 

6. Raise heartbeats with a leather jacket

simple sweater dress outfit

Leather is the new denim! And if you are obsessed with it, just like me, who is stopping you from pairing it with a sweater dress? I would love to wear a sweater dress outfit with a leather jacket and boots. Stocking would be a nice addition too!

And if you are still not sure, just remember this styling tip 101: throwing a textured element on a simple outfit will make your ensemble top-notch stylish. You could style a black turtle neck dress with a brown leather jacket or any color bodycon sweater dress with a black leather one – you cannot go wrong with classics, right?

7. Style with a knee-high boot

unique sweater dress outfit

Footwear is indeed one of the most confusing parts of styling sweater dresses. There are just so many options! From ankle to thigh-high, you have 20 types of just boots, lol.

But this year, stand out from the crowd and style a sweater dress with knee-high boots. It’s sure to turn heads without compromising warmth.

Start by choosing a cozy, textured dress like cashmere or wool with long sleeves and a fit that sits right above the knee. Then pair it with oversized knee-high leather boots that come up just below the hem of your dress. Add a bright scarf or hat to make this look feel even more seasonal – you can be sure no one else will have tried it yet!

If you wanna keep it classy and simple, a mini sweater dress with stockings would be a nice option, but if you really want to go beyond that, try a midi dress (possibly with a slit) and knee-high boots for a slayer combo.

Talking of the boot type, I love those pseudo or faux leather boots as they go well with any knit dress. And in fact, this style idea is one I have fallen for already and thinking of wearing it to the upcoming Christmas party in my club.

 Hushhh!!! That’s my secret. 

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8. sweater vest dress over shirt

winter sweater dress outfit

Enough with the basic sweater dress outfits already! If you are here for trying something unique, get yourself a sleeveless knit dress and throw it over a matching button down blouse – preferably a shirt. Bouncy, diva sleeves would just add the right amount of flair to the fit. I’m talking about some ruffles, bishop sleeves or any such element.

You can even layer a trench coat over this outfit to get flooded with compliments!

9. layer a scarf over a sweater dress

fall sweater dress outfit
Courtesy: marymargaretboud

Trust me, adding a complementary scarf to your sweater dresses takes that look to the next level. Styling them together isn’t hard – you just have to remember this one key tip: contrasting colors are most striking. Incorporate different shades of the same color for a subtle take or go bold by picking shades on opposite ends of the color spectrum!

Try pairing earthy colors like olive green, rust, brown and burgundy for a timeless look. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a few pops of bright colors like teal or yellow with subdued colors like navy and grey.

Don’t forget – scarves are also great accessories to add some pizzazz to an otherwise basic sweater dress outfit. Have fun experimenting with colors and patterns to finish your chic ensemble.

10. go for a shacket

cute sweater dress outfit
Courtesy: jessicafwebb

You may not have seen this much, but tbt, sweater dresses and shackets make a great combo for this season. To get the most out of them, layer up – start with an oversized shacket zipped up over a fitted sweater dress. The mix of shapes will create an intriguing silhouette instantly.

Add some statement jewelry to complete the look as you stride out of the door with confidence! For a more dressed-down style you can let down a few buttons of the shacket, showing off a peek of the dress underneath and giving it a more casual feel. Whichever way you choose to express your own style, why not give it a go today!

11. cardigan and a knit dress

sweater dress outfit
Courtesy: chictalkch

One of the cutest and simplest ways to style a sweater dress is by throwing a cozy cardigan or a jumper over it.

All you need is a classic turtleneck dress and a fuzzy, snuggly cardigan and viola– smoldering, albeit cozy style. Round up the look with some tall boots or comfy booties, depending on where your plans are taking you. You could also choose to belt the outfit or just be it.

From those regular office visits to an exotic corporate dinner, this easy ensemble will have you looking effortlessly chic in no time!

And as always, accessorising can be the only add on you need to create a style statement, so don’t forget your necklace or studs!

12. pair a skirt for an off-duty model look

sweater dress
Courtesy: ariannaejagus

Wanna look like you just came out of a runway show? What better way to show that with a sweater dress than by throwing it over a plaid skirt and styling it with stocking, boots, and maybe a scarf?

This outfit may ask for your styling juices to flow but this look is a guarantee that you’ll stop the show at streets!

13. a trench coat

How to wear a sweater dress like a fashionista

Who says you can’t look stylish and feel cozy during those chilly days? A sweater dress paired with a classic trench coat is the answer! For an effortless and modern look, opt for neutral colors like beige or light grey.

Then, let this be your starting point to accessorize. Add an eye-catching statement belt or pair some trendy ankle boots. If you want to make a bolder style statement, layer your coat by wearing a vibrant pattern scarf as an extra layer of warmth.

Don’t forget to add that decisive pop of color with a bright lipstick! Now go ahead and step out in sophistication and beauty that no cold front can stop – making you the star of the street wherever you strut.

14. a teddy fur coat

how to style a sweater dress outfit
Courtesy: rebekabarath

And for a fun yet chic ensemble, opt for a faux fur coat. You could even wear sneakers with sweater dress for curating a cute, sporty ensemble.

15.  Play with colors

If you love that pop of hue, why not incorporate that in your outfits as well? I am talking those two-tone knit dresses – like dark pink and baby pink. Looks good to you? So to me!

I find this combination unique and what can be better to set a style statement for the world to follow than something like this? 

Though the cable knit weave looks good with mixed or twin-color sweater dresses, you can also go for the plain knit ones keeping your preference in mind. 

To enhance your appearance, pair these with a trendy cowboy or leather boots or add more layers like a jacket!

16. Go for a hat

how to wear a sweater dress outfit
Courtesy: currentlycaro

Hats are always fashionable during the colder months – plus they keep your head nice and warm too! It is the best and cheapest thing you can get to highlight the charm of your sweater dress. Besides, they obviously protect your face from the sun’s rays and tanning. 

And how can we forget the dimension it adds to your look. Pair a light-tone brimmed hat with a bright dress. And nude boots for a sleek, chic and sophisticated outfit.

Choose a hat that matches or complements your outfit for an effortlessly stylish look that won’t go unnoticed.

17. thigh-high boots with a mini sweater dress

sweater dress outfit

And just like the knee-high ones, tall boots are another no brainer sweater dress outfit you’ll see all winter on social media.

For a chic look I highly recommend styling one with a pair of eye-catching thigh-high boots. Nothing says put together like those awesomely extra boots paired with a cozy, comfy dress. A bit of buried treasure for the bold fashionistas out there.

This is definitely a ‘winter only’ style idea but is going to keep you warm and toasty. 

To turn some heads, choose snake print boots instead of solid-colors. They’ll add the needed wow and glam to the usually basic look. Talk about pizzazz!

final thoughts on how to wear a sweater dress

There are just so many ways to wear a sweater dress that even if you try them all, you’ll be short of days. You have the option to play with the size, texture, tone, and length. Whether printed, oversized, plain or well-fitted, these dresses never fail to help you create a lasting impression among your onlookers.

They are also a good investment if you are looking for something you can wear throughout the year- except if you are planning to visit a desert in a sweater dress, lol. Definitely not an idea, I stand by! Come on; I do not want you to get drenched in sweat.

Trending this holiday season, if you are yet to get a sweater dress, hurry up before the sale ends. This is your chance to set your own style statement. Or think of gifting your best friend or sister a sweater dress for Christmas. They are going to love it and you more! Thank me later!!! I deserve that friend 😂

So when the weather gets chilly, don’t hesitate to wrap up but do remember to spice-up your wardrobe with these ultra-cute sweater dress outfits ever!

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