Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body Types

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Let’s talk about the undeniable truth – jeans are the ultimate wardrobe staple! They go with everything from summer tops to blazers, making them a versatile and durable option.

But to buy a pair of jeans for an apple-shaped body can be a tough nut to crack. Most women with such a body shape complain of having jeans sticking and highlighting their stomach rolls or even slipping down in low-rise cases!

Thus, finding the right type of jeans is meat and potatoes to styling yourself correctly. 

Today, I’ll dish out the 6 best jeans for apple shapes and what to steer clear of. Plus, I’ll throw in 5 top-notch brands to check out and some bonus styling tips.

But before all that, let’s clear the first base, i.e., learning the ABCs of apple shape body types.

What Is An Apple-shaped Body Type?

An apple-shaped body type is characterized by broad shoulders and a prominent waist. The hips are narrow with a flat butt, and tapering continues in slim thighs and legs. 

Just like the upper part of an apple is wider compared to the bottom end, so does this body shape. Thus, the center of your body (the abdominal area) becomes the focal point for fat accumulation. 

In some women, the hip region has more fat percentage than any other, which converts this apple shape into a pear one. For more such tips on How to dress for your body type, go click this!

6 Best Jeans for Apple-shaped Body Types

Here comes the hero section of our blog! So, let’s find out what type of jeans are going to do justice to your apple-shaped silhouette.

1. Slim-fit Jeans

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

Often confused with skinny jeans, slim fits are comparatively wider and less clingy to your body. Having an apple-shaped body, your main goal should be to accentuate your upper half — shoulders and breasts, while balancing your tapered bottom. 

This can be greatly achieved through slim-fit jeans. Their tight fit puts your curves into the spotlight, but not in a bad way, as skinny jeans might do to your shape. The wider end adds stability to the protruding central body and balances your silhouette. 

So, even if you decide to go with an oversized top, your lower bottom won’t look unsettling or out of place.

Here are some of the best jeans for apple shape body available online:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

2. Wide-leg Jeans

apple shape jeans

Trust me; there’s nothing better than good quality wide-leg jeans for an apple body shape. You want to add weight or, at least, mimic slightly thicker legs and these jeans serve this purpose. 

They slowly flare out from your hip region and provide much room for your thighs and legs, adding the much-needed structure to your body outline. Plus, they’re super comfy and highly attractive to dress!

You can also imitate an hourglass figure using wide-leg jeans since they’ll help define your waist and counterbalance your narrow hips. 

Wide-leg jeans are available in various sizes. Thus, choose the one that fits you correctly in your abdominal area. Remember, too loose jeans might disturb your outline proportion as well. 

Here are some of the best wide-leg jeans for apple shaped body available online:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

3. Straight-leg Jeans

best jeans for apple shaped plus size

If wide-leg jeans are “NO! NO!” for you, I suggest starting with straight-leg jeans first. While the former can be too wide or loose for some apple shapes, straight-leg jeans will help you get that wide-leg look.

You can try out girlfriend straight-leg jeans instead of directly jumping on boyfriend jeans. This will allow you to see how much flare or sagginess your body requires to balance the broad upper half. 

Here are some of the best straight-leg jeans for apple shape bodies available online:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

4. Bootcut & Flared Jeans

apple shaped body jeans

These choices are highly ideal for apple shapes with higher fat accumulation. Because let’s face it — some of us have been there when even a pair of straight-leg jeans act like a skinny one. 

Thus, if you want to draw positive attention to your thighs and legs, bootcut and flared jeans must always be in your wardrobe. By wearing such jeans, you don’t need to hide your legs but add weight to their slimness and balance the bulky midsection. 

The difference between these two types is that bootcut jeans have less flare, are narrower at your knees, and end just around your ankles. Flared jeans, on the other hand, are loose throughout with more flare and have a floor length. 

Here are some of the best jeans for apple shaped body available online:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

5. Non-stretch Jeans

apple shape jeans

Besides the types of jean styles, it’s crucial to pay attention to your denim fabric. Stretchable jeans might have a soft feel to them, but their elasticity makes your legs look leaner than necessary. 

Non-stretchable jeans are a good choice for apple shape body types since their rigid fabric and appearance add balance to your lower half. Heavy-weight denim will further provide structure to your slandering bottom. 

However, these non-stretch jeans might be uncomfortable to wear, except for the high-quality ones, which, unfortunately, are equally expensive. But don’t worry; there’s a way out. Go for stretch jeans with a heavier fabric, and that will do the trick!

Here are some of the best jeans for apple shape body available online:

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

6. Mid-rise Jeans

best jeans apple shape

Honestly, it depends on your body because not all apple shapes are the same. Thus, you might enjoy a high or a low rise, too. But generally speaking, mid-rise jeans are best suited for apple body types. 


Well, high-rise jeans might be comfortable for you, but since apple-shaped bodies have smaller torsos, they might appear absurd and too high. On the other hand, low-rise jeans might keep slipping down due to narrower hips and can also beget a look of a “muffin top.” 

Thus, you can find the right balance in mid-rise jeans — both comfort and appearance-wise.

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

What Not to Choose for apple shape? 

Here are the jeans types and outfit combinations that you need to discard immediately:

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are your worst enemies in the simplest of words. They are unbreathable, tight beyond comfort, and, let’s admit, a bit out of style nowadays. 

Women with apple-shaped body types have really good-looking legs, and torturing them with skinny jeans is a disaster. They steal away the attractiveness of your legs and rather highlight your broad upper half, which is the last thing you want to do. 

And if you think that pairing skinny jeans with oversized tops is something that you can still pull off, believe me when I say that it is not suited for your body type. It will only make the situation worse and bring down your self-esteem. 

2. Mid-rise Jeans with Short Tops

Although I did say, mid-rise jeans can flatter your apple-shaped outline, pairing them with tops that are above your waist or jeans is not recommended at all. Your waistline is already prominent, and you don’t want to highlight it more than required.

Cropped tops are worse than short tops matched with mid-rise jeans, they accentuate the thickest of your body and badly destructure your outline. 

If you’re going for mid-rise jeans, avoid these top selections and choose something that does not attract all eyes to your waist. 

Additional styling Tips for Apple-shaped Body Types

I’ve talked about the types of jeans, a couple of not-to-do’s, and famous brands for apple-shaped women. But that’s not enough. There’s a lot you need to know in order to dress correctly to make the best of your body shape and flaunt it without any embarrassment!

So, here we go.

1. Always Prefer Pull-on Jeans Over Button-fly

best jeans apple shape
Buy this gorgeous jeans

You can change your body shape, but you can pull off some tricks to symmetrize and polish it. One of these is purchasing jeans that you can pull on and not ones that need buttons to fasten. 

The aim here is to avoid putting bulk on your abdomen region, which buttons do, as you might have noticed (and probably are already fed up with 🙁). Pull-on jeans have an elastic waistband that retains its elasticity for a long time (even a couple of years) if you purchase from a quality brand. 

They save your time, are super-comfy, and you won’t have to fear the button springing out in public (let’s admit, most of us are terrorized by this scene). Plus, pull-on jeans come in all fits and sizes!

2. Jeans with Back Pockets Are Your Friends!

best jeans apple shape
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As opposed to pear-shaped bodies, you would want to buy jeans with back pockets to add weight to your narrow hips and then draw attention. Do not, in any situation, go for front pockets since they will only end up contributing to more mass around your midriff. 

Side pockets are always welcome for actually storing things. Moreover, even back pockets can be placed differently — either occupying the center of the cheeks or a bit high. You can choose depending upon where you feel narrower.

For example, in case you have flat butts, jeans with centered back pockets are recommended. High-rise back pockets, on the other hand, are made for hanging down or saggy butts.

Ooh, and not to forget embellished back pockets with pearls or other materials that could uplift your hips! 

3. Start with The Smallest Size that Fits You

best jeans for apple shape
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It’s been in our habit to buy clothes a size bigger for the long run. But when it comes to jeans and apple body shapes, it’s best to pick a pair of jeans with the smallest waist size that fits you. This way, you won’t have to dread the low-rise ones slipping down.

It can be tricky to slide them up the first time, though. But don’t worry; your jeans will stretch out with time and become more than comfortable.

4. Focus on Your Gorgeous Legs!

best jeans for apple shape
Buy this gorgeous jeans

There’s a lot of debate going on whether to wear dark or light denim washes for apple shape bodies. However, I believe light-colored jeans are a better choice contrasted with dark stylish tops to accentuate your legs the right way. Plus, lowers with detailed or embellished hems will further do the job.

best 5 Jeans Brands for Apple Shapes

1. Old Navy

Old Navy is a highly-admired and environmentally sustainable clothing brand under Gap Inc. You can find countless jeans options made for various body shapes, including tall and petite women. Their denim is made with water-saving techniques and comes in numerous fits like wide-leg, slim straight, straight, loose, skinny, bootcut, curvy, and flare.

Its wide-leg jeans come in two variants — wide-leg and baggy wide-leg. With 5 rise options — low, mid, high, extra high, and higher high, it provides countless possibilities for women with apple-shaped bodies.

Moreover, Old Navy’s FitYou jeans adjust to your body shape, saving you plenty of effort and hard work!

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

2. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ)

NYDJ is an innovative clothing brand mainly focused on denim bottoms. They strive to bridge the gap between the jeans requirements of women and the present market. If you’re looking for comfort that does not compromise style, NYDJ is your answer.

Their Lift Tuck© Technology has helped manufacture high-quality stretchable jeans that flatter your curves. Currently, their denim selection is available in the following fits: pull-on, relaxed, bootcut, flared, skinny, girlfriend, slim, wide-leg, and straight. 

You can rummage through a total of 65 sizes across body types like regular, plus, petite, tall, and even maternity.

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

3. Ann Taylor

Founded in 1954, Ann Taylor is an American chain of clothing stores. With a selection of skinny, straight, wide-leg, curvy, boot, and flare jeans, it offers sizes ranging from 00 to 18. Women who consider their figures as “disproportionate” find Ann Taylor quite a good store for purchasing jeans. It caters to petite shapes and manufactures jeans of splendid quality.

You can find their stunning jeans for apple shape bodies here.

4. Mother Denim

A lifestyle brand is known for its indie spirit without compromising on the variety of its offerings to appeal to different tastes and requirements, Mother Denim, was founded in 2010 by Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding in Los Angeles. 

It’s a denim brand that takes pride in partnering with local manufacturers and businesses to support local craftsmanship and control its carbon footprint.

Catering to waist sizes from 23 to 34, Mother Denim offers a total of 6 fits — skinny, straight, wide leg, bootcut, flare, and relaxed in jeans, with 6 hem styles — chewed, slit, clean, distressed, frayed, and step fray.

Apple Bottom Jeans, Anyone? The 6 Best Picks for Your Curves!

5. Miraclebody

Mircalebody is truly a “miracle” brand manufacturing jeans with handcrafted tummy-flattening panels that structure your abdomen and smoothen your silhouette. Their mid-rise jeans are a tad bit higher than others, with contoured waistbands that rest an inch below your belly button — ideal for apple-shaped body types to beat their muffin tops.

In addition, the front pockets are sewn in a flat manner to the denim to avoid adding bulk to your midriff. Miraclebody is ideal for women wishing to wear stretchy and comfortable jeans without much disfiguring the outline of their lower halves. 

In a Nutshell for best jeans for apple shape body

I’ve spilled out all my secrets when it comes to finding the best jeans for apple-shaped body types. Besides bearing the above-mentioned things in mind, you must remember to keep your midsection as light as possible. 

Don’t go for tops with heavy work or prints around your abdomen region. Rather, you can opt for fancy necklines like V, sweetheart, or plunging to take off attention from your belly to your shoulders. Long story short, keep all the fancy elements above your bust line and below your waist.

Last but not least, prefer pointed heels and boots over flats since you want to elongate your legs. 

And that’s it! You’re prepared to take over this world, sista!

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