What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

what to wear with a midi skirt outfits

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Of course classy, but if you don’t know what to wear with a midi skirt, take these ideas into play!

Comfortable, fashionable, and sexy. Who doesn’t want something that is all that in one piece? Yep, I am talking about midi skirts! They are the best thing I can ever think of, especially during the spring, summer, and early fall (mostly all year, lol).

Not only do midi skirts make you look more feminine, but they also are easy to pair with any blouse or tee, defo are cooler than jeans or pants (especially in 60 degrees).

The best part? They are so freakin’ versatile that you can take them to grocery shopping or the office, depending on how you style them.

But talking about these skirts, it is also important to have a good knowledge of what to wear with them and what not. I don’t think you wanna spoil your outfit and image in a jiff, do you?

Even if you have a fashionable midi skirt, pairing it with the wrong blouse and accessories can ruin its aura. 

Come join me as I highlight styling tips with a midi skirt that will help you look sexy and chic without needing to go out of your comfort zone. Shhhh! They are my personal favorites too…

12 ways to wear a midi skirt like a star!

1. Plain t-shirts

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

If given a chance to talk about plain T-shirts, I can simply write an essay on them! Lol. They are my ultimate dearest and why not? I can pair them effortlessly with almost anything, including all the midi skirts I have.

A midi skirt- and a plain t-shirt can be your perfect pick for a weekend friend’s party or even a casual day at the office. If you wish to give a slightly fancy touch to it, put on some accessories and heels. But if casual is your aura, go for sneakers.

2. Turtle necks

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

If you had a dollar for every time you’d see me in a turtle neck during fall/winter, I bet you’ll be filthy rich.

And when I think about midi skirts, it’s easily the first thing that pops up. For a cocktail party, classy dinner, office party, running errands, or hitting a high tea party – you’ve got to wear turtle neck tops with a midi skirt.

This combination is the definition of elegance!

Put some good necklaces and studs to add that affluent touch to your style statement, along with short or long boots.

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3. Tank Tops and Camisoles

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock
Courtesy: @midsize_teresa

Midi skirts are versatile, which makes it quite easy to pair them with almost anything, even a tank top, creating the best look for the summer season! There are literally a ton of styles, shapes, and sizes in these, from one-shoulder to halter neck to crop top and whatnot.

For beach or poolside parties, I love dressing in a slit midi skirt with tank tops and flat sandals. I don’t mind sharing this look with you until we end up twinning for the same party.😂 

I would better carry a spare dress then, lol.

4. Oversized sweater

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock
Courtesy: @awynterstyle

As I said, you have got endless options when it is all about deciding what to wear with a midi skirt, and even that oversized sweater you were thinking of returning back would do great or you have it in bulk.

This will just give you an effortless and casual touch to your appearance, which is best for attending after-office drinks with your colleagues. 

This also sounds cool for running errands or visiting a weekly get-together with your family. And to add a touch of romance to the attire, get your hair tied into a ponytail or a messy bun. 

5. The leather look

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock
Courtesy: @nadiaanya__

Just add leather wherever and however you like. Easy!

Leather, be it skirts, tops, corsets or pants, have that unique, edgy, sexy aura that makes anything 100x classier! They are versatile and available in different colors and designs.

So, if you have a midi skirt to style, go for a leather tube top, or you can pick a leather skirt to go with a simple white t-shirt or a crop top.

Finish the look with a leather handbag or patent heels, and you’ll be on your way to setting the stage on fire!

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6. Dressy blouse

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

Of course, dressy tops with voluminous sleeves, fancy necklines and all kinds of interesting elements are made for a reason. Not just with jeans, you can wear them with your midi skirts as well for a sophisticated, dressy and cute look.

If you have any special event coming up, try my favorite dressy blouse and midi skirt look. Complete the look with wedge heel sandals.

I had chosen this one for my 1st anniversary and simply cannot get over it yet! 🙂 What a sexy date outfit!

7. knee-high boots

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

If you are here to make a style statement, don’t scroll further because this is it. Knee-high boots have their own thing going on, but when styled with midi skirts, girl, this gets serious.

You could choose to color block it or go simply elegant, but this midi skirt outfit has to turn heads and drop jaws!

Pair a white shirt, turtle neck, or a graphic t-shirt. And make sure your skirt has a front or side slit to flaunt your boots.

8. sheer tops

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

Believe it or not, sheer tops have a next-level sexy to them and they scream style like no other. Grab your hottest bralette and throw it under your sheer top.

I would love this midi skirt outfit in monochrome colors, but that should not restrict you from mixing and matching. You can also try this look with a sheer lace top and a satin skirt for a romantic vibe.

9. A shirt

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

You cannot imagine the amount of applause you will be generating for your sense of fashion by pairing a midi skirt with a shirt! Yes- you heard it right, ‘a shirt’. It is the best thing you can get to create a vintage look with your skirt. 

Front or side tuck them, tie a knot or make them crop; I am sure you can find a way to style your midi skirts with shirts.

Putting on a good belt over the shirt (when it is tucked out) is another option to make this outfit damn noticeable. 

10. Blazer

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

The blazer-shirt-midi skirt outfit? This trio is gorgeous for your corporate parties, client meetings at the office, or if you simply want to look classy and polished one fine morning before stepping out for school or work.

I have always said it, a blazer can make any outfit if styled right. ANY.

And even though it may be a little tricky to create midi skirt outfits with blazers, it sure works with little brains put into the look.

11. Denim jacket

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock
Courtesy: @nextdoorlife

If you ask me about something versatile from my wardrobe, a denim jacket is my answer! They are truly versatile in every sense. And whether you are wearing a printed straight, slit or plain midi skirt, just pair your top with a denim jacket and add a spark to your style statement. 

I prefer putting on black boots or sneakers with a denim jacket, a plain top, and a midi skirt. Do not forget to carry your handbag to complete the look. 

This outfit is one of my favorites for early spring and late autumn, just when the winter is making its way to meet us 🙂

12. graphic t-shirts

What to Wear With a Midi Skirt: 12 Gorg AF Outfits to Rock

We all have a bunch of these stacked up in our wardrobe, but more often, they are paired with jeans or shorts. But let’s change that and style them with midi skirts. Tuck in or tie a knot or let it loose; graphic t-shirts are almost as popular as their plain counterpart.

Along with their comfort and casual trait, these t-shirts can help you grab attention with the kind of print you prefer to wear, so choose a sexy one 😉

Complete the look with boots and bags in different textures or color tones. 

conclusion on what to wear with a midi skirt

No matter what your age is or what your vitals are, midi skirts are for all. The only thing you have to look for is the type of midi skirt best suits your body shape. Once you manage to pick up the right one, here are all the styling ideas you can consider trying out. 

Do ensure to avoid those heavily flared or baggy midi skirts. I think I have shared all the information I had related to this topic. But heyyyy, do let me know if there are some more unique fashion ideas hitched to a midi skirt in your concern! I would love to share them and try them as well. 

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what to wear with a midi skirt outfits

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