Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

how to dress big bust women

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Having a big bust is something people associate with a blessing. You will be called lucky that you have got big natural boobies and that you do not need any artificial implantations. Your girl gang will always be jealous of you 🥲 and men, I tell you, will always think of you as a diva.🙄

But babe, there will be a fair share of styling issues as well (Read gaping shirts, too much revealing, fitting issues, boob sweat, etc.)

If you are a heavily endowed girl, then I am sure you must have already understood the struggles I am talking about. And since you are here, it will be safe to assume that you are looking for styling hacks as well as fashion inspirations for your larger bust. 

Worry no more, darling! Your girl has curated an elaborate article cum fashion guide that will cater to your body type. Just go through it, and all your big-bust fashion issues will disappear!

Go, grab your coffee, and keep reading to know more about how to dress big bust body type!

12 Closet Staples You Need If You Have A Bustier Figure!

1. Ruched button-down dresses and tops

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Any girl with a larger bust will relate to the issues of gaping shirt dresses. To solve that problem once and for all, get yourself button-down dresses and shirts that come in ruched style.

The ruched effect is quite a trend nowadays. Most importantly, they add an element of stretchability to the dress/top/shirt, which makes your outfit comfortable to wear.

So make the most out of the latest fashion trend and get your hands on ruched style button-down dresses and blouses.

2. Smocked tops

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Smock tops are your BFFs, literally! 

They not just add to your feminine charm but also feel so much more comfortable to wear. You can move around freely without having to worry about your top revealing a lot of cleavages or mid-riff areas.

The stretchability of these smock tops and the design makes them apt for your huge bust area. The curve-hugging design of smock tops makes it a perfect fit for your body type. And at the same time, it allows you to blend style and comfort together.

3. Wrap dresses

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @petiteelliee

For all my bustier friends, here’s the perfect outfit you can ever lay your hands on!

A wrap dress is one such dress style that hugs your body and curves closely, thereby highlighting your best features. At the same time, the layers of the wrap dresses manage to give you the modest look you want. 

Also, wrap dresses can create the illusion of an hourglass figure with a cinched waist. 

Pro tip: Get yourself a wrap dress with a side slit to add that tantalizing effect! 

4. Oversized blazer and coats

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Heading to work? Don’t know what to wear?

Put on a scoop neck top in a neutral color and pair it with high-rise jeans or pants. Now layer up your outfit with an oversized blazer or coat. You are ready for that 9 AM presentation.

The boxy look of the blazer goes immensely well with your large bust. Keep the buttons open to add that element of sass to your attire.

5. Knotted top

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Here comes another trendy outfit that every busty girl would love to embrace.

Knotted tops are increasingly becoming a safe and stylish choice for girls with big breasts. The twists, ties and knots of the tops make them a perfect fit for a bustier figure. The extra fabric that creates the knot effect grabs all the attention and shifts focus from your large busts.

At the same time, knotted tops keep you comfortable throughout the day because, generally, they tend to be quite stretchable in nature.

6. Turtleneck tops and pullovers

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Wanna flaunt your assets without too much skin show? Go for turtleneck tops, crew necks and pullovers. They create an elongated effect by making your neck appear longer. Also, these tops hug your curves closely and accentuate your best feature.

Also, turtleneck bodysuits offer ample support to your big boobs and keep them uptight and in place. Just wear the right undergarments beneath your turtleneck top, and you are sorted!

7. Let’s talk jeans!

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts
Courtesy: @PetiteElliee

Not all jeans are made for you, hon. And even though jeans are not even related to large breasts, they still can make a huge difference!

First things first, opt for mid-rise or high-rise jeans. Then choose jeans with wider leg openings or bootcut styles to balance out your body proportions and create a head-turning look. Ditch the skinny jeans for straight-leg jeans, as they offer a streamlined appearance and help balance out your figure.

Dark wash jeans create a slimming effect and elongate your silhouette, drawing attention away from the bust area. Lastly, jeans with over-the-top embellishments or detailing around the hip and thigh area should be avoided, as they can create a disproportional look. Keep it simple yet chic.

8. Jumpsuits

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts
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One constant complaint that keeps pouring in from all my large bust ladies is that their tops keep sliding up whenever they raise their hands! I have the perfect solution for you guys!

Do not wear tops at all. Ditch your regular tops with jumpsuits. Yes, you read that right, babe! 

Jumpsuits create this uninterrupted vertical line that sort of makes your overall boy structure look elongated. Not only will you look slim, but also you will get rid of your top sliding up every time.

There are different designs of jumpsuits available. Go for the ones that are a little loose or blousy at the top. This will give your assets enough place to breathe.

9. Co-ord sets

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts
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Now one of the biggest problems women with big boobs face is that the size of their tops and bottoms do not match. 

I will solve this problem once and for all: Get yourself as many co-ord sets as you want. 

Co-ord sets always come in different size options. You can make your choice accordingly. Also, because of the same color on your top & bottom half, co-ord sets create a subtle slimming effect.

Besides, coordinating sets are an insanely hit fashion trend right now.

So, make the most out of this trend and solve your big boob fashion pain point just like that!

10. Crop tops

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Crop tops are the in thing in the fashion world! Get yourself a couple of crop tops with collars. Pair them with high-rise jeans and pants. You do not have to worry about your top sliding up when you put on high-waisted bottoms.

Also, high-rise pants paired with crop tops add to that chic and stylish look. Make sure that the fabric of your crop top is completely stretchable. 

BUT make sure that your crop tops are a little lengthy & do not end just below your boobs. As I mentioned in my tips for petite & busty women, shorter tops can create the illusion of a larger chest and draw attention to that area.

11. Side tie tops

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Defining your waist is completely non-negotiable when you have big breasts. You must wear outfits that cinch in your waist to create a well-defined look. Get your hands on wrap-style tops with side ties.

They will create that defined waist look and also highlight your assets without revealing too much. The peek-a-boo effect these wrap-style tops create is simply amazing!

12. Belted dresses

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @leah_geee

If you have a huge bust, then add at least a few belted dresses to your closet. These belted dresses embrace your silhouette effortlessly and also cinch your waist to create an hourglass body effect.

Not just will you look elegant in a belted dress, but also you will look slim and tall because of the unique silhouette.

13. Boyfriend shirt

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @petiteelliee

Having huge breasts gives you the license to flaunt boyfriend shirts like a pro!

These oversized shirts look bulky on other body types, such as petite frame, small bust, etc. But when it comes to you, darling, you can ace the laidback, uber-cool look without any hassle. The loose-fitted, oversized shirt, when kept front-open, will give you a layering effect.

8 Styling Dos and Don’ts for Girls with Big Boobs!

1. Always, I repeat, always wear the right bra!

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Every girl must wear the well fitting bra, irrespective of her bust size.  A crummy one can totally wreck your day, but here’s the good news: finding the perfect bra can make you feel like a total diva. So, don’t settle for a sad excuse for a bra that’s uncomfortable and cheap.

If you’re hoping to corral your curves, support is key. Your bra needs to be able to lift up the girls and spread out the weight across your back.

Look for bras with wide straps, a chunky band, and an underwire for maximum lifting. The best bras for well-endowed women are balconette, full coverage, and t-shirt styles.

And for the tops, you cannot wear bras with; resort to built-in bra tops & dresses because your saggy boobs will jeopardize the entire look and won’t look posh.

2. Try a V-neck or scoop neckline when you are feeling a bit adventurous. 

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Certain necklines look extra flattering on girls with large busts. One such neckline is the V-neckline. Top and dress styles with V-cut or scoop neck create this pretty line below your face to your chest and elongate your upper body. Also, these necklines are perfect for those who wish to go bold and adventurous.

Other necklines that look oh-so-fabulous on bustier girls are scoop necklines, cowl, plunging neckline as well as square necklines.

3. Go for minimalistic necklaces.

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts
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Wearing the right jewelry also goes a long way in making your outfit a huge success.

Instead of putting on those chunky necklaces, you should try something simpler and lightweight. Big statement necklaces make your upper torso look bulky. Also, they draw unnecessary attention to your large busts.

4. Steer clear of thin straps.

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

If you have big boobs, it is better to get rid of all your tops and dresses with thin straps. The skinny straps do not offer proper support to your large bust; instead, they make them look bigger and more prominent. Also, they focus on your upper body.

So, always get yourself dresses and tops with thick, adjustable straps. Wide straps even minimize the look of broad shoulders.

5. Choose dark-colored tops.

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @petiteelliee

You must have a few dark-colored tops in your wardrobe as they make you look slimmer in no time!

Tops in black, navy, and dark brown colors create the much-coveted slimming effect. So, make them a part of your staple outfit collection. 

6. Get yourself tops and dresses with shoulder details.

dress Petite busty body
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Dresses and tops with shoulder details divert the attention away from your big boobs. Also, they add that feminine grace to your outfit. One-shoulder tops, dresses with ruffled sleeves and boat necklines, etc., can be a great choice for you.

7. Wear prints – a lot of them!

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts
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Loud prints all over your dresses, tops, and bottoms create a sort of confusion for the beholders. Prints do not allow them to focus on your large bust. So, you can wear heavily printed outfits without worrying about fashion disasters.

In fact, certain types of prints create certain types of illusions. For instance, proportionally large prints hide the belly fat, and vertical lines create an elongated illusion.

8. Do not add too many ruffles on the bust line.

Dressing up the Girls: The Best Tips & Clothes for Big Busts

Too much detailing or accents over the chest area will only make it look bulky and bigger. That is why it was my first no-no on what not to wear if you are a big bust woman.

Final Thoughts on How To Dress With Big Busts: Clothes For Big Busts

If you know how to dress big-bust body shapes, no one can stop you from flaunting your fashion game. Just be mindful of the silhouettes, patterns, fabrics and designs, and you are sorted. 

I hope this fashion guide on how to dress when you have a big bust has cleared all your doubts. Now that you know what serves the best for you, just give your wardrobe the much-needed makeover. Also, go through the article once again before you go out on a shopping spree. Spend only on outfits that highlight your assets and not the ones that botch your styling. 

Hope you found this piece of content useful! See ya’ll super soon!

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