What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!

what to wear to topgolf outfits

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Remember when mini-golf felt like the pinnacle of a fun date? Well, Top Golf has arrived to take your game nights, dates, and family fun to an otherworldly level! Imagine playing golf without the need for a caddy or even knowing how to swing a club properly. Sounds intriguing, right?

What Exactly is Top Golf?

It’s where golf meets darts meets digital magic. You hit microchipped balls into giant targets on a field – the closer to the center, the more points you score. And the best part? It’s for everyone – from the “I think I saw a golf club once” beginners to the “I might as well move in here” pros.

Is there a Dress Code for top golf? Nope!

Top Golf’s motto? Be comfy, be you. There’s no dress code to be followed. You can go in bikini if you might like. Just a few tips, though:

  • Choose airy or cozy, depending on the skies.
  • Opt for clothes that let you swing freely.
  • Show off your style. Jeans or a sundress, all’s cool here.

Is Top Golf fun for a date?

Yep, it’s a winner. Compete, laugh, and bond over a game. With food, cocktails, and golf balls flying (hopefully in the right direction), it’s a full night of entertainment wrapped in one! Ideal for solo dates or with other couples – think of the amazing time and those cute pics!

Now, if you don’t know what to wear to top golf for a date or party with friends, these are some really cute ensembles to give you an idea and get you ready for fun in style!

Enter, really cute top golf outfits to get your style swinging!

1. Crop top + cargo pants + combat boots/ cami top + straight leg jeans + heels

Here are two beautiful top golf outfits for inspiration! You can either choose to be comfy but also super stylish or straight from fire hot! Don’t let the game steal your light!

2. monochrome outfit with statement pants

If you don’t already know how big a fan I am of monochrome ensembles, you don’t know me. First of all, I want these pants in my life. Secondly, this whole attire is so pretty and perfect for the game, as you’ll be comfortable and look smoking hot!

3. plaid skirt + top + combat boots

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Similar plaid skirt | white boots
Courtesy: @samanfire_

Skirts are an easy yes! This plaid one is legit cute and will hold up nicely, so you can focus on hitting that ball and landing it on your target.

4. athleisure leggings + t-shirt

what to wear to top golf
Courtesy: @lenadtv

If you are determined to win this time, choose a comfy athleisure top golf outfit. Pair leggings with the plain white t-shirt you bought 100 years ago. Ten extra points for styling the t-shirt 😉

5. layering shirt dress with boots

For all the fashionistas who cannot leave the house without making heads turn, this is perfect for you. Layering is super fun and an easy way to make you look simple but stylish. This particular fit will also work as a great top golf date outfit!

6. crop top with black cargo

what to wear to top golf
Courtesy: @rhea_agrawal

What’s better than comfy pants, your good ol’ sneakers, and a crop top to hit the goal? It’s modern, comfy, and perfect for fall or winter. Summer will be good too, but I don’t know if I can survive 40 degrees in full sleeves, lol!

7. corset top + flare pants

cute top golf outfits
Similar corset top
Courtesy: @klarynda

Don’t know what to wear to a top golf date? How about recreating this ultra-cute look? Who said corsets are not top golf material? Match your corset top with comfy jeans and sneakers to slay at the game – top golf and fashion!

8. bralette + pants

Wow, put on your sexy to make his jaw drop while he sees you hitting the target. No, I don’t mean that, you dirty mind! A simple bralette with black pants and sneakers is a snazzy sassy look to recreate.

9. cute flowy dress

cute top golf outfits
Courtesy: @camila_valladaresc

Who said dresses are not top golf material? Look at this super cute dress fitting in just right! A pair of sneakers makes everything perfect. A-line dresses are insanely comfortable and make a really cute top golf outfit for dates or parties.

10. Or a sexy bodycon dress

cute top golf outfits
Courtesy: @libbiemay

Does that mean only A-line is good? When you cannot struggle with fashion and want to look like a winner who dressed the best and top golf itself, a sexy fitted dress is all that you want.

11. tennis skirt dress + cardigan

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Similar cardigan | tennis skirt
Courtesy: @kostenko_anika

If you don’t know what to wear to top golf in the fall, pick up your fuzzy cardigan and layer it over your tennis skirt to protect you but still put your A-game forward.

12. biker shorts + denim jacket

I love a simple yet stylish outfit. And this cute, comfy one will make it easy for you to hit the target. A jacket will keep you cozy if the winds become a little harsh.

13. bodysuit + jeans + boots

what to wear to top golf date
Similar red bodysuit | red boots
Courtesy: @golfstoriesrt

HAWT! Those red boots are a keeper! If you like dressing up, don’t hold back; create a stunning top golf attire like this.

14. denim skirt and white T-shirt

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Courtesy: @jessroberson_model

Denim skirts are back with a bang; were they ever gone completely? Style your t-shirts with skirts and make the best top golf outfits to have a blast in!

On a side note, have you tried drunk top golf? It’s tooooooo muchhhhh funnnnn, I’m telling you!

15. mini skirt + high-neck top + thigh-high socks

Give your outfit a cozy and sporty feel with mini skirts and thigh-high socks. A warm turtle neck as a top will make it just the perfect top golf outfit for winter.

16. classy top with jeans

what to wear to top golf date
Courtesy: @julietxho

Want to look sexy for your top golf date? The classic jeans that are ripped at the knees are super stylish and comfortable. And when paired with a sexy crop top, you are gonna slay him, if not the game, lol!

17. denim shorts + strappy top

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Courtesy: @tamaranisha

You have to agree that shorts are comfier than skirts and perfect for sporty things like top golf. Your tennis shoes will work great with this, and a strappy crop top will help you get over the summer sun.

18. chunky sweater + leather shorts

Wondering what to wear to top golf in winter? A chunky sweater to keep you ultra-cozy and leather shorts or pants can make a really cute top golf outfit.

19. skorts and cami top

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Similar skorts

Mini skorts and the Y2K fashion are all the rage. A simple cami top with mini skort to help secure any mishappening 😉 And look extremely up to the minute at the target area.

20. sweat shorts outfit

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Similar sweat shorts

I am all over sweat shorts and styling them outdoors. They are just so cute and comfortable. Yes, they’ll make really adorable top golf outfits as well

21. pleated tennis skirts and crop top

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Similar tennis skirts
Courtesy: @addison.dugger

Seriously, nothing says athleisure better than tennis skirts. They are cute, very much in trend, and comfortable as well.

22. Romper

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Courtesy: @kamk725

A soft, relaxed, and secured romper like this one would look so good! Get inspired by a professional golfer, at least.

23. a dress with heels

what to wear to top golf date
Courtesy: @da.ranyy

A classy, sexy dress would be perfect. And who said heels are not allowed? I mean, only if there is a dress code, but we know there isn’t! And if you are comfortable hitting that shot, you go girl!!

24. biker shorts and white shirt

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Similar white shirt

You know what to wear to top golf that is hot but also cute and comfy and umm, hot? Biker shorts, cami top and layer it a white shirt over. You can also style this look with a baseball cap and sweatshirt for a warm outfit that’ll be perfect for top golf in winter.

25. plaid button-down and jeans

What To Wear to Topgolf & Nail that Hole-in-One Style!
Courtesy: @fatima_ar5

For a modestly cute outfit, a plaid shirt with trendy wide-leg jeans would be a great look. It’s also perfect for cold weather because you can wear as many sweaters underneath as you like, haha!

Do you need to wear sneakers at Top golf?

If you’re here to score points and walk a lot, sneakers are your besties. Comfort = Better Performance. Hitting a few balls and chilling? Your shoe game is your call! Just remember, the comfier, the better your swings (and vibes!).

Is Top golf cold?

Actuallly, the weather outside will influence the temperature inside. In summer, expect it to be warm inside. Light layers are your go-tos. During winter, it might get breezy, but thank goodness for heaters! A sweatshirt or light jacket does the trick. Still feeling chilly? A cozy coat based on your warmth needs won’t hurt.

Wrapping up on What To Wear To Topgolf

Top golf is a fun mixture of golf with socializing in a fun, high-tech environment with lots of yummy food and drinks. No, there is no dress code at Top Golf, so you can wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in, just consider the weather prior.

So what’s stopping you from having loads of fun and laughs with your family, or on date nights, or partying with your groups of friends? Don’t let what to wear to top golf ruin your fun. Choose any of the above cute top golf outfits and go have a blast!

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