How to Be an ‘It Girl’: The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

how to be an it girl

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Have you ever wanted to be the ‘It’ girl? The one that everyone looks up to, admires and wants to be like?

Are you ready to take on the world with your wit, style, and ambition? Ready to lead conversations rather than just follow them? Are you yearning for that special something that allows you to step up into ‘It’ girl status?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the It Girl Club! Whether it’s getting a promotion at work or simply standing out in your class, this blog post is all about helping you unleash your inner goddess.

So get excited; an incredible transformation is on its way – starting right now!

What Does It Mean to Be an It Girl?

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

So this phrase has become quite popular on the internet in the past few months, but what does it really mean?

Basically, an ‘it girl’ is more than just being famous – it means having a certain level of influence that affects and inspires the cultural zeitgeist. Becoming an ‘it girl’ requires the perfect combination of intelligence, talent, charisma, confidence, sound judgment, and ambition.

‘It girl’ is someone who is unapologetic about who they are and use their platform to make positive changes for themselves and others. To be an ‘it girl’ is to not just be influential but be inspirational too.

It doesn’t take a lot of fortune to be an It girl, just some basic changes in your lifestyle and fashion can make you the new Betty Lou. Well, who doesn’t want to be that girl everyone admires as their icon!!!

So, how to be an ‘it girl’?

1. Know Yourself

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

The first step to becoming an ‘It’ girl is getting to know yourself. What are your passions? What makes you unique? What do you stand for? Knowing yourself gives you confidence and allows others to see that too. It also helps prevent others from imposing their opinions on you and making decisions for you that may not align with your values or vision.

Once you have a clear idea of who you are, it will be easier to make decisions that reflect who you are as a person.

2. Find Your Network

Surrounding yourself with people who share similar goals and interests can help push your career forward by providing support when needed. It also allows for more collaboration within the community, which can lead to more opportunities for growth.

Finding mentors within your network is also beneficial, as they can provide guidance when needed and help keep you accountable for achieving your goals.

3. Believe in Yourself

Also, take this time to start believing in yourself if that’s not what you already do. And that is of utmost importance as you may not always feel confident in what you do, but if you believe in yourself, others will too.

Having faith in your abilities gives off an aura of positivity that people are naturally drawn towards. Believing in yourself also allows others the opportunity to invest their trust into something they believe has potential—you!

So go ahead and take risks or try something new because nothing ventured, nothing gained!

4. Love yourself

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

People love those who love themselves! Quite true. Treat yourself like a star to get the same treatment back from those around you and in your social network. Show them how much you love yourself and no one comes before you.

This is a clear sign of the immense power that netizens get attracted to.

Do things to make yourself feel special. But also remember where to stop, or you might get misjudged as a narcissist. 

5. Stop pleasing everyone

Pull yourself together and get the fact that you CANNOT please everyone you meet! C’mon, you are here to be an it girl, not a people pleaser.

6. Read fashion magazines

There is something special about reading fashion magazines. They have so much more to tell you about what’s in trend and what’s out in a very detailed manner. Grab the latest edition of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, or BoF to educate yourself.

It will get you on the right path and even aid you in developing a personal style that you’re proud to show off!

7. Carry a welcoming attitude

If you want to be treated as a page 3 celeb then do not turn off that welcoming attitude! Accepting an offer to have a steak dinner once in a while won’t harm your sexy figure 😉 

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

Taking a few shots with friends at a club on a Saturday night once in a while is absolutely okay. I mean, that’s what life is about! Have fun like it’s the last day of your life. And no, drinking is not the only fun you can have to be an ‘it girl.’

But along with that, you need to treat yourself right – drink enough water, sleep well, eat healthily to always stay in shape, and take proper rest. Dark circles, chapped lips, and fussy hair have never been an It girl thing 😉

9. Hang out with everyone

With a big social network, you would be getting a lot of requests from friends and family to hang out with them. Try attending them all at your convenience. This is your chance to be an It girl and so you cannot keep boys off your list!

But do not end up being too easy. Instead, do things that will make boys more interested in you. Remember that popular girl who manages to make boys’ heart race without being cheap in school, yep, that’s your cue!

10. Live free, smile, and have fun

Life is too short to be anything but happy, so make sure you enjoy every minute of it! Explore that fun vibe within you. Tease and show your humor to attract attention. Go unpredictable sometimes, and that will make people more interested in you. 

11. Watch fashion shows and participate in events happening in town

how to become an it girl

Fashion shows are a great medium for learning what’s trending and how to get it down from the red carpet to the streets! An It girl is a style icon everyone follows. It is your moral duty to help them stay on trend. 

Also, check out events happening in your town. Make a move to participate in any or all of these with the desire to win and gain a fan following. 

12. Be calm and composed, especially at times no one expected

It is okay to get mad at a bully, but it is not okay to carry that behavior with everyone. Try to show a positive, composed vibe to be the girl everyone can approach for suggestions. That is a major It girl trait! Trust me, you can easily fight any uncomfortable situation with a broad smile on your face. 

13. Wear branded clothes

how to be an it girl

No matter where you are heading, always dress like a supermodel from the New York Fashion Week. Try to wear clothes from designer outlets. If that’s not possible, thrift them or at least try to learn the right body styling for you and figure out ways to wear cheaper brands in posh attires.

Another tip would be to invest in high-end accessories, even if it is just one or two. There’s no ensemble better than a luxuriously curated one! You should know how to look expensive on a budget 😉

14. Shoes really do are the stars

If you don’t already know, our choice of shoes impacts your sense of style. Pick up one, keeping in mind your destination, purpose of visit, and the vibe you want to create, and done. You will give your outfit a stunning impression. 

If budget permits, add a signature Valentino or Christian Louboutin iconic pump heel to your collection. If it doesn’t, look for similar-looking items, for instance, these Valentino dupe heels!

15. Maintain a good posture

A good posture can make a big difference in how you look and qualify as an It girl. Try to always stand straight, keep the shoulders back, feet at shoulder length apart, and head leveled, stomach in, arms naturally down on your sides, and most of your body weight on the balls of the feet.

A crooked posture could make you appear clumsy and shy, which is exactly what we don’t want. Your goal must be to look pretty even without makeup.

16. add a designer handbag to your collections

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

If you have to add one accessory to your closet that could instantly make you an ‘it girl,’ it has to be a designer bag.

I recommend trying first with only one branded bag- mmmm, something from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Michael Kors! Their bags come with a good life and, if maintained, can even last for 10 years. 

Do your research to find the bag matching your taste. Prefer sticking to neutral colors like brown, tan, black, or white. They go well with almost all outfits, irrespective of the color. 

17. Be Bold, be magnetic

Even if your fashion sense fails to create an impression, your bold attitude will definitely succeed in it! Try something out of the box. This calls for a little bit of mix and match. Like wearing junk jewelry with green trousers and a white blouse!

Or get your hair a red wine or purple shade. I mean, there are just endless options to be that bold It girl, and increase people’s attraction towards you!

18. Memorize brand names 

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

Take it as homework but memorize the names of brands inspiring the fashion world in the USA and the world. An It girl can never take the risk of mispronouncing Louis Vuitton or Christian Louboutin, you know.

19. Know the history of fashion 

If you are fond of something too much, you ought to know everything linked to it. Knowing the history of fashion is indeed an It girl thing. This will help you to create awareness among people interested in fashion and make them consider you as their guiding angel. 

Maybe they will keep looking up to you for suggestions when buying a dress, shoes, or accessories. 

20. Confidence is the key

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

Your level of confidence speaks a lot about your personality. No matter whether you are wearing a Chanel perfume or a mist from Bath & Body Works, the confidence in your eyes should be the same throughout. 

21. Have your personal brand preference

An It girl might be buying things from various brands that are in trend, but having your personal brand preference matters too. This is the brand you trust blindly and can always shop for without stressing. Having one or more signature brands you like creates a major difference when establishing your style statement. 

22. Scrutinize your style

How to Be an 'It Girl': The Secret Recipe to Being Unforgettably You!

As you start practicing most of the above-stated It girl tips, you will get to know how you love to dress, who you love to meet, and the vibe you want to give out to the world. In this sense, you could dress and look like a baddie or Emily in Paris.

Once set, takeout the time to understand your style. Check which color you like the most, what footwear you feel comfortable in, how good you are carrying the outfit, and how is it reflecting your personality. Keep experimenting with this until you find the ones giving you ultimate satisfaction. 

23. Do not cut corners with makeup

As I said before, tired eyes and shabby hair don’t really scream sophistication. So take the help of your little friends to cover those dark circles and acne scars like they were never there. From Maybelline to MAC, Bobby Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, and Glossier, you have an endless choice to get makeup as per your complexion.

But do not settle for anything cheap in quality because It girls always deserve the best. You could, though settle for these Charlotte Tilbury dupes or Glossier dupes if you like 😉

how to be the it girl in a nutshell

Becoming an ‘It’ girl isn’t easy, but with dedication, passion, and belief in yourself, it is definitely possible!

But no matter what, never attempt to do things you dislike. There are chances of your disapproval popping up in your actions. Instead, try to be yourself as much as you can, study fashion, follow fashion vlogs, and continue creating impressions!

Lastly, never let that pleasing smile go off your face, ever. 

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